Lessons learned along the Yellow Brick Road

You usually never know life’s unforgettable moments are, in fact, unforgettable, until the moment has passed. The night you simply went with your friends to the same place you’d been going for years to grab dinner; except this time, you met someone that would literally change the course of your life. The day you told the boy you had been in love with for four years that you had been in love with him for » Read More

The divine art of letting go

Love is defined in many ways. Ask anyone on the street for their definition of love, and you’ll get no two answers the same. The Bible defines love. Movies define love. Turn on the radio and you’ll get a definition of love. We see evidence of love in the unlikeliest of places and among the most unlikely of men and women. Your cat loves you. Your dog loves you. Your neighbor loves you. Your mom » Read More

Be a first place girl, not a just in case girl

Most of us have read “He’s Just Not That Into You,” or at least seen the movie. We know the rules. We know the score. We can weigh in on our friends’ love lives with perfect clarity, giving them advice, showing them the error of their ways; but yet, when it comes to our own lives…and to that ONE guy…the one that makes us weak in the knees…the one that can pluck at our heart » Read More

Confessions of a Single Woman

The life of a single woman is a whirlwind of contradictions. One minute you like a guy, the next you don’t; one day you have $2,000 in the bank, the next you’re chasing pennies around the floorboard of your car to afford a McDonald’s cheeseburger for dinner; one week you feel single and fabulous, the next you just feel lonely and mediocre. It happens to the best of us. There is no real safety net » Read More

Is he The One…or should you run?

The journey of many a single girl will eventually take her down the aisle to forever…her final destination as a “Ms.” before riding off into the sunset as a “Mrs.” One of the most precious and important decisions in the life of a woman is the one that joins her to her Prince Charming forevermore. The beautiful moment when she says “I do” is likely the moment she has been dreaming of her entire life, » Read More

How to maintain your spark when faced with an old flame

It happens to every single girl sooner or later…and usually at the most unassuming times. You know the drill: you’re sashaying along through life, happy as can be, not a care in the world, when all of a sudden, you turn a corner and come face to face with…Your Past. Also known as…The Ex. Not just AN ex, but THE ex. The one who can melt you into a puddle of mush with one glance » Read More

How NOT to lose a guy in ten days (Part 2)

So we’ve delved deep into the minds of our male counterparts to explore the first 5 ways not to lose a guy in 10 days, but ladies, we’ve only scratched the surface of these magical, mystical creatures we call men. If you want to transform Mr. Right Now into Mr. Right, there are certain attitudes and behaviors you have to drop like a bad habit if you have any hope of waltzing into the sunset with your Prince » Read More

How NOT to lose a guy in ten days (Part 1)

Once upon a time in the Land of Dating, a hopeful Single Woman encountered a seemingly perfect Single Man. The two hit it off instantly, began talking, texting, Facebooking, and Blackberry messaging non-stop, had a few dates, seemed to be cruising quite nicely along Casual Communication Avenue directly onto Dating Street, when all of a sudden…BOOM! Single Woman hit a speed bump which turned into a pothole which turned into full-fledged detour. With no warning, » Read More

Breaking up (with a friend) is hard to do

I was recently contacted by one of my readers for some advice on a situation that was causing her a great deal of pain. She was experiencing the worst kind of breakup, not from a husband or a lover, but from a friend. Friend breakups are often more hurtful and confusing than relationship breakups because friends are expected to be there through thick and thin, in good times in bad, when the going gets tough » Read More

A few simple ways to get your groove back

When you glanced at your calendar today, you might not have even realized that today is a holiday. Well, look again, lady, cause it’s not just any holiday, it’s International Women’s Day – also known as a day of global celebration designed to recognize the crowning achievements of women over the past hundred years. In different regions the the celebrations range from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love toward women to a celebration for » Read More

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