A word on faith.

Recently a follower on my personal Twitter page (@MissMandyHale) asked me what I consider to be a great question. She asked “Do you think it’s important to date someone of the same faith? Is a Christian man a must?” And I answered in the only way I know how to answer, which is honestly, and replied: “For me, it is essential that the man I ultimately marry shares my faith/beliefs, » Read More

All Good Things Must Come to An End

Having a male roommate is sort of a 24-hour-a-day “Enter at your own risk” type of situation. On any given day, you never know if you’re going to open the fridge and find six-month-old milk growing a new species of antibiotics, head into the bathroom to find the toilet seat up and/or his pants down, or be sitting innocently on the couch and have him fly across the room » Read More

And the Award Goes To…

  Oscar night is here! With all its glamour and glitz and excitement, the biggest awards night of the year has arrived…and with it, a certain amount of contemplation over the most memorable (and not so memorable!) films of the past year. I don’t know about you, but awards season always causes me to reflect upon my own biggest hits and misses from the past year. Which moments of » Read More


“As we go onWe rememberAll the times weHad together.And as our lives changeCome whateverWe will still be…friends forever.” My best friend, Sarah, gave me a CD of graduation songs on the eve of my college graduation back in 2002, a “mixed tape” of meaningful songs to celebrate the monumental milestone of me exiting the safe bubble of college and entering the not-so-safe Real World. The song “Graduation” by Vitamin C was popular at the » Read More

The Status Change

Since the excitement level of my love life as of late has rated somewhere below watching paint dry, I’ve been looking for ways to shake things up; make a splash; jumpstart my romantic life before it fades into obscurity faster than General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground.” So when my good friend, Mastin Kipp (you might know him as “The Daily Love”), rather mischievously suggested I try changing my Facebook relationship status from “Single” » Read More

Sassy Single Woman of the Month: Beth Shak

She’s dominating what’s traditionally thought of as “a man’s world.” She’s smart, she’s savvy, she’s a straight shooter, she’s a budding fashionista with a clothing line on the way, and she’s not afraid to kick your butt all over the poker table – in her sexiest stilettos, of course. So just what is it that pro poker player and all-around fabulous, fearless female Beth Shak is missing? Well, she’s got the poker table covered, but » Read More

Taken from Man’s McRib

I stumbled across an article today about the recent announcement that apparently, the majority of people on the planet have been waiting for with baited breath. No, not the news that Prince William is finally putting a ring on Kate Middleton…but that the most sought-after, lusted for, and desired sandwich on the face of the earth is…dum dum dum…back on the market! The McRib sandwich from McDonald’s is now appearing on menus once again for » Read More

Lessons Learned From a Love Cleanse

On October 1st, I embarked upon a journey that was completely my own. A solo journey that required no co-pilot. A 30-day commitment to me, myself, and I; designed to cleanse myself of the residue from relationships past and to journey to the center of myself to a place of peace that could only be found by entering alone. I made the decision to do Mastin Kipp’s (The Daily Love) 30-day Love Cleanse, the admission » Read More

Redefining The Single Woman

Instead of “single & fabulous,” the life of a single woman in her late 20’s and beyond is all too often labeled “single & desperate.” Instead of viewed as a choice, “single” seems to denote a lack of options. Everyone seems to want to meddle in the life of the woman who refuses to settle; setting her up on endless dates with guys she has no interest in, calling her “desperate” or “lonely” or “too » Read More

How My Break-Up Became My Break-OVER

One year ago today, my life changed forever. Exactly one year ago today, “The Single Woman” was born…in an incubator of heartbreak and heartache…a resilient, spirited, feisty female who rose from the ashes of the destruction of everything she’d known and got busy on the construction of a journey into the unknown. She took her first steps on shaky legs and emerged from the cave of an unhealthy relationship with more than a little » Read More

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