The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: May 13, 2011

Quote of the Day:

“A girl expecting rescue never learns to save herself.” ~Kate Morton

The Single Woman Says:

I’ve got a little secret.

You, my beautiful friend, are the princess of your own kingdom…and you are going to remain the princess of your kingdom even if a prince never comes along to sweep you off your feet and “rescue you” from single life.

Sure, we all WANT to find our prince, and HOPE to find our prince…but until we find romance, we don’t need ANYONE’S permission to kick up our heels and dance! (After all, what are glass slippers for?)

Who started the rumor, anyway, that as women, we need to be “rescued” from our lives?

I don’t know about YOU…but I find single life and its freedom and excitement and endless adventure to be absolutely fabulous! I embrace my singleness and the unknown of this season of my life, knowing that when the time is right, I will meet my perfect match. Not a perfect PERSON, but the perfect person FOR ME. Someone who compliments me and doesn’t supplement me…someone who knows I’m not a damsel in distress, but a girl who held out for the best. And until that happens, I’m going to live life to the last drop and let the rest figure itself out.

That sounds like a recipe for “Happily Ever After” if I ever heard one… 



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