Weekend Wisdom: My Red High Heels


I own a pair of red high heels, and whenever I’m having a bad day…or I’m bidding farewell to a relationship…or I need a boost of any kind…I slip them on…and suddenly, all is well. I guess they are my version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers…shoes that magically transport me out of the doldrums and into a happier place…shoes that add a twinkle to my eye and pep to my step…shoes that remind me that there really is no place like home — “home” being the place within myself that refuses to settle or compromise for anything less than someone who respects me, who genuinely cares for me, who builds me up instead of tears me down. 

And besides all that…they’re just really HOT.

Someone not too long ago asked me: “Have you ever met anyone that turned everything into magic?”

To answer the question…no, I have not.

But I’m clicking my red high heels together and believing that someday…I will. 




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