Dash of Sass: Happiness is a Choice


We all get hurt by life. By people. By events and situations not going our way. Let’s face it…it’s tough to be human! But every single second we are given the choice to choose our attitude. No circumstance can define or destroy or control us unless we let it. So despite what’s going on in your life today, I urge you to think happy thoughts and speak happy words and choose to be a happy person, if not because of your circumstances, then in spite of them. Because happiness is not a destination or an accident or even a guarantee. It’s a CHOICE.

3 Responses to “ Dash of Sass: Happiness is a Choice ”

  1. Stupidooooo
    August 26, 2014

    Dear Mandy,

    I am truly inspired by you, your blog and your books. Thanks for being you and this awesome in terms of thoughts and sharing. This is one of the post so real and such a good reminder on how we should look, live and treat our lives. We can be happy, if we choose to be, I will remember that.

    (On your books, I just finished one of your 3 books, “Letting Go,” and it is totally relatable. It was like you were talking to me and walking me through when I read it. I love every single page and my eyes are welled up in tear because you were saying exactly what I have been through and wanted to say except I just could not jot them down in words.

    Well, I still am in process of letting the balloons go because for work related reason we still have to be in contact and meeting and that could be the reason why I am still stalled and stuck though 24+ months have been wasted and passed by. I have been living a depressing life, breathing the pain and trying to be okay.

    Could you please be with me through this and confirm me that this process does not last? I so much want to get over it, let go and move on.)

  2. mattie
    August 26, 2014

    you Mandy Hale ,just get me .

    that is all ,carry on 😉

  3. Jen
    August 26, 2014

    love this quote and love both of your books…very inspiring

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