Dash of Sass: It Only Takes Ten Seconds To Change Your Life

Quote of the Day:

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” ~Katherine Hepburn

The Single Woman Says:

Three years ago today I sent out the above quote with absolutely no idea that in doing so, I was changing my life, my career, my destiny…and giving a voice to single women who were more than ready to stand up & tell the world “I am more than my relationship status.” Never doubt that your life can be changed by a single step, because mine was changed by a single tweet! 21,000 “The Single Woman” tweets later, I have written a book (& am working on a second), spoken at the Women of Faith conference, worked with Oprah, written blogs for Lifetime’s “The Conversation,” interviewed Jordan Knight (& anyone who knows me KNOWS what a big deal this is), met & interacted with numerous heroes of mine, and most of all, have had the honor of speaking into the lives of all of you precious women across the world who I may never meet but whose hopes and dreams and struggles and victories I identify with and celebrate as much as my own. And all because of the ten seconds it took me to send out one single tweet. What small decision can YOU make today to change your future? I am proof that it only takes ten seconds (& a great big God) to change the rest of your life. Here’s to many more years of not obeying the rules & having a WHOLE lotta fun! 🙂

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