Dash of Sass: Why Everyone Needs a ‘Bad Day Place’

Quote of the Day:

“I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.” ~Maya Angelou

The Single Woman Says:

I think every person needs a “Bad Day Place.”

What do I mean by that? I mean a place you can go when you’re having a really bad day and it makes you feel better. A place that’s just for you, that no one else even has to know about. Obviously you can always go to a friend’s house or your parent’s house or to God – but I’ve found that it helps me to have somewhere that I go, all by myself, to escape whatever is going on in my life, if only for a few moments.

Some people think that being “The Single Woman” and spending my life writing inspirational, motivational things for other people means I must never have a bad day. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The beauty of The Single Woman message is that I am a normal single woman and never claimed to be anything but. I have letdowns and disappointments and bad dates and heartbreaks just as much as the next girl. I have not evolved past you. I AM you. Which means it’s not my heart to talk down to you from a fully realized place of Zen but to talk WITH you about our everyday struggles as single women. And there are lots of them. Being a single woman ain’t easy. Especially if you are over 30. It’s just par for the course to have a bad hair day or an “I feel fat” day or a particularly crabby PMS day when you’re convinced you will be alone for the rest of your life. Does this mean I am advocating being a victim or a martyr or a Debbie Downer? No. But it DOES mean that I firmly believe you have to allow yourself to have a bad day. Bad days are a part of life. There’s no denying them. And while they suck royally at the time, they also provide you with great clarity about things in your life that you need to change. I’ve found there is no better time for reevaluating your life than on the other side of a bad day. So where is my “Bad Day Place”?

Don’t laugh – but my Bad Day Place is Walgreens.

Yes, long ago I found that wandering the aisles of Walgreens after an argument with my parents or an unanswered text or a career disappointment brings me a sense of great peace and clarity. I go to my nearest Walgreens, grab a basket, and somewhere on aisle 6 surrounded by bubble bath and loofah sponges and facial cleanser, the cloud starts to lift. Sometimes I toss a few items in my basket, sometimes I leave empty-handed…but either way, I always leave Walgreens with a renewed sense of calm and purpose. I don’t know why. Maybe I associate the neatly organized shelves with order in the midst of chaos. Maybe I like the idea of a place that has just enough options without bombarding me with too many options. Or maybe I just like that I can buy mascara, US Weekly, and a chocolate bar all in the same place. But for whatever reason, Walgreens makes my bad days a little less bad.

This is not my way of promoting or advocating for Walgreens…LOL! This is my way of encouraging you to go a little easier on yourself the next time you have a bad day. Give yourself ROOM and grace to have a bad day. And love yourself enough to find your own safe haven when the world gets confusing and overwhelming and sad. Tomorrow you can get back to your positive affirmations and your workout routine and your pursuit of greatness…but just for today…give yourself a break. Read. Watch a good movie. Take a bubblebath. Retreat to your “Bad Day Place,” wherever it may be. Reflect on your bad day and how you can set things straight tomorrow. No matter how many times you’ve gotten it wrong before, there is always time to get it right.

And if all else fails – go to Walgreens.


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