Join me for the BIGGEST Girls Night Out ever!


It’s coming…we can’t avoid it…we can’t hide from it…we can’t outrun it…we can’t blink our eyes and magically be transported OUT of it…it’s….


Arguably one of the most difficult days of the year for a single person is Valentine’s Day. Not so much because of the way WE view it or react to it, but because the way the rest of the world seems to react to it FOR us. The sympathetic looks. The pats on the head. The friends who chuckle as they refer to it as “Singles Awareness Day” aka “SAD,” and think they’ve made the funniest joke ever.

Not to mention the other annoying side effects of Valentine’s Day that we’re forced to endure: The way your favorite corner Walgreens is swallowed in ridiculous merchandise – I mean, you can’t even go looking for a new tube of mascara without being serenaded with “Wild Thing” by a stuffed gorilla wearing boxer shorts with hearts on them. The way married friends gush adoringly on your Facebook stream ALL DAY LONG about how they have the best husband EVER (“No, I do! No, I do!”) You can’t even drown your single sorrows in good TV on Valentine’s Day, because channel after channel is featuring “all day movie marathons” of cliché romantic comedies (cliché romantic comedies that on any other day, you would adore. Today they just remind you of how single you are.) Yes, it seems the whole world goes bananas on Valentine’s Day and us singles are dragged along, kicking and screaming, for the ride.

Until now.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mandisa, former American Idol contestant, current recording artist, and all-around rockstar single lady, and as we chatted, both of our spirits were stirred about planning some sort of Valentine’s Day-related event for single women. It turned out that we both live in Nashville, which made the idea seem even more do-able. Then a few weeks later, Mandisa introduced me to two more of her fabulous single friends, Kelly Minter and Lisa Harper, and the idea became more than an idea – it became a reality. Together, we decided that we wanted to do something bold, something different, something revolutionary.

We are taking the day back! And we want YOU to join us!

Why should couples be the only ones celebrating on Valentine’s Day? We think the day should be about celebrating LIFE. About celebrating all the ups and downs and triumphs and tragedies and mishaps and miracles and laughter and tears of the single woman’s journey. And that’s how “Galentines” came to be.

I am SOOOOOOOO excited to announce that we are inviting women WORLDWIDE to join us on Valentine’s night at 7:00pm CST for a night of music, inspiration, laughter, and more. If you can’t be there in person, you can log in on your computer from the comfort of your living room and join us via simulcast! This might be the biggest “Girls Night Out” on record! Cocktail dress or PJ’s and bunny slippers – come as you are and prepare to leave this event CHANGED.

Registration is open NOW. All the details can be found by clicking the graphic below. Also, tag any questions you have for myself, Mandisa, or any of the other ladies about single life with the hashtag #Galentines, and we might answer your question live on the night of the event!

So mark your calendars, get your sassy on, and get ready for a “GALentines” celebration unlike anything the world has ever seen! Click the graphic below to register TODAY!



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