The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Celebrate the Things You DON’T Have!


Quote of the Day:

“I would rather live wanting what I don’t have than having what I don’t want.”  ~T.S. Mooney

The Single Woman Says:

I think sometimes as single people, we can allow our minds to drift over to the dark place on occasion and dwell on all the things we’re missing out on due to our solo status. At least I know I am guilty of doing that. Kids and a wedding and Happily Ever After…oh my! But yesterday I posted a tweet talking about being thankful for the things that DIDN’T happen to you in life, and it was a big hit. Which got me to thinking, maybe instead of resenting the things that our married friends DO have, we could be grateful for the things that we DON’T have. I mean, take a look around at the marriages in your circle. I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say that I can only think of MAYBE one or two that I would want to emulate. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. The sad fact about marriage is that so many people settle for whoever happens to be standing right in front of them at the time, within a few years, they find themselves bored and restless and looking elsewhere; which ultimately leads to emotional or physical infidelity or even divorce. Meaning that we, as women who did NOT settle, are much less likely to find ourselves in the same predicament. And why? Because of something we DIDN’T have – the desire to settle! So now I present to a few more things that we, as singles, can be happy that we DON’T have:

·         A joint bank account. We can spend our money how we want, when we want.

·         Only one side of the bed. We can stretch out and take up as much space as we want!

·         Matching Tupperware. Matching dishes. Matching cookware. We can store shoes in the oven and sweaters in the cabinet and eat cereal for dinner every night, if we want. Out of a measuring cup. And no one cares.

·         Boredom. Our lives are nothing if not diverse, spontaneous, and unexpected.

·         No more first kisses. Yes, it’s true that we have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to our Prince Charming…but some of the frogs are really CUTE frogs. J

·         A toilet seat that’s up more often than it’s down, someone else’s clothes taking up our walk-in closet, incessant snoring keeping us up all night, football games instead of every episode of Scandal on our DVR, a basketball hoop to shoot dirty laundry through instead of a pretty wicker basket, etc. etc. etc.

·         Most importantly – We don’t have the wrong person next to us, because we chose to settle out of fear and expectations and complacency. The truth is, we may never have anyone join us on this road we call life…but better to walk alone than in the wrong company.      

      Now add your own things to this list. And remember that for every good thing you THINK you’re missing out on, there is something not so good that you’re being spared from. When the right one comes along, this list won’t matter anymore. But with the wrong one, this list would only be exacerbated. Remind yourself of that every time you’re tempted to settle. And if you can’t celebrate the things you DO have, celebrate the things you DON’T. 



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