The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Learn It So You Can Stop Reliving It!

Quote of the Day:

“Learn the lesson so you can stop repeating the class.” [email protected]

The Single Woman Says:

Does it ever seem like you keep living the same day, over and over again…dating the same person, over and over again…attracting the same types of toxic friends, over and over again? I firmly believe that God will keep bringing the same tests to us, time and time again, until we pass them. Every person, event, or thing that crosses our path is another teacher in the school of life. If you take every thing that happens TO you as something happening FOR you, you’ll be able to learn the lesson, move on, and reap the blessing. However, if you choose to allow break-ups and mishaps and disloyal friends to repeatedly cause you to grow bitter, angry, and disenchanted, you’ll keep attracting the same circumstances until you learn how to evolve past them. Remember: It takes roadblocks to show us there’s a better way…& it takes lessons to get us to Graduation Day. Refuse to stay stuck on a lower level than you belong. Embrace the lesson and move on.


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