Who Is “The Single Woman”?

In the past year, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten this question. And though I’ve never kept my true identity a secret, I have very much enjoyed the guesses I’ve gotten about who “The Single Woman” really is. “She’s really married and just fooling everyone,” to “It’s probably really a man!” to “Are you Rev Run Wisdom’s wife?”

The truth is, the woman behind “The Single Woman” column and Twitter page is me, Mandy Hale; a 32-year-old single woman living in Nashville, Tennessee, who doesn’t let the fact that I haven’t found my fairytale ending yet stop me from believing in them.

But the spirit of “The Single Woman” goes far beyond my four walls. The REAL Single Woman is anyone – single, married, male, female – who refuses to be contained by a label. Anyone who refuses to be defined by their status, relationship or otherwise. Anyone who boldly refuses to settle in any area of their life.

I wanted to create a place to celebrate the brave, sassy, unapologetic spirit of “The Single Woman.” I hope this website does just that.

“The Single Woman”

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