You Are Enough

Mandy Hale, the creator of The Single Woman, the social media movement that rewrote the rulebook about singleness, challenges every woman to see that she is sufficient, capable, and complete.

After years of trying to prove she was enough to herself and everyone around her, even working alongside Oprah and hitting the New York Times bestseller list, Mandy hit rock bottom. But that very rock bottom became the firmest foundation she had ever planted her feet on. A foundation so solid, it provided the springboard she needed to outrun the taunting shadow of unworthiness she’d tried to escape her whole life.

In You Are Enough, readers will see that though life may not always be lighthearted and happy and shiny, each woman is deserving of the life she dreams of and hopes for. Nothing you do can ever take away from your worthiness of enough-ness in God’s eyes.

What people are saying about You Are Enough

I love Mandy for being transparent enough to go deep into the hidden places we don’t want anyone to see. Baring her flaws, her hurts and her soul gives me the courage to face the imperfect things I hide behind my smile. Mandy is the only author I know who fearlessly tackles the question of why are we still single. She goes beyond the tired cliches and gets to the root of the problem and shows you how to get back up even when you constantly get knocked down. The words coming from Mandy’s heart are like a soothing balm. Thank you for showing me no matter what, I am enough.

Sherri ShepherdActress, Comedian, Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host and New York Times Bestselling Author

Mandy’s words are empowering and inspiring. She acknowledges that adversity is something we all face—but by accepting and loving who we are; we can overcome any personal obstacle we encounter.

Derrick LevasseurTV personality and author of “The Undercover Edge”

Mandy finally says out loud what so many of us try so hard not to think about ourselves. Her raw, real, brave honesty is infectious. Read. Absorb. And be free!

Christi PaulCNN Weekend New Day Anchor, HLN Anchor, Author of “Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt”

Mandy has done it again: “You Are Enough” is a timely and timeless reminder to women everywhere that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. That you alone are good enough: with a spouse, without a spouse, it does not matter. And that truly, once you love you, and know your value…everyone else around you will know the same.

Sophia A. NelsonAward Winning NBC Journalist and best-selling author of “the Woman Code

We might chase money, or power or love, but all of those are just symptoms of our never-ending search for one thing – enough. To be enough. To matter enough. To be whole enough. I’m thrilled Mandy is bravely jumping in to discuss this small little world that causes big problems.

Jon AcuffNew York Times Bestselling Author of Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done

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