Observing Lent, single-lady style

Today is Ash Wednesday, also known as the start of Lent – a season known in the Western Christian tradition as the 40-day period of fasting, prayer and penitence before Easter – or in single-lady language, a month and a half to become a better you. Though Lent is traditionally a Christian holiday, in recent years, it has been recognized by people of all cultures as a time of self-denial, of sacrifice and of giving » Read More

The bad date which does not kill us makes us stronger

In every single girl’s life, a bad date will eventually fall. It’s an inevitability – sort of like the dryer eating your socks or hitting all the green lights in town when you’re trying to put on your makeup on the way to work. After doing all the prep work for a first date…the grooming and plucking and highlighting and polishing…it’s nothing short of a major letdown when your new dashing prince transforms into a » Read More

Single after 30: How to turn a cautionary tale into a fairytale

I was watching the news this morning and I paused on one of my favorite morning shows, Good Morning America, just long enough to hear Robin Roberts promo the next story, “The Sooner the Better,” with the tagline “New studies show that 90% of women’s eggs are gone by age 30.” Since I had to assume she wasn’t referring to the kind of eggs you make an omelet with, I immediately grabbed the remote and » Read More

Dance your way through life

Ballroom dancing is an increasingly popular hobby for those waiting for Mr. Right. If you can’t find your perfect partner in life, why not spend a little time with your perfect partner on the dance floor? And while it is aerobically effective and tons of fun, there are also many different life lessons one can take away from a little dirty dancing (other than “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”). Here are a few important » Read More

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