Beautiful Uncertainty

Mandy has shown women how important it is to be secure in singleness by being smart, strong, and independent. In this all new book, she will prompt readers to never settle and not miss out on the beauty that can be found in times of “waiting”.

Mandy says: “Whether you’re walking in seeming never-ending singleness, stuck in a cycle of questioning, or living with any sort of waiting: Waiting for love, waiting for babies, waiting for marriage, waiting for a cure, or a miracle, or a sign, or for GOD . . . I hope this book will make the wait a little easier and the uncertainty a little bit more beautiful”.

Starting with relationships, but going beyond into areas like career, friendships, and life, Mandy will guide readers through what you can achieve if you look beyond your current circumstances, never settle for less than what God has for you, and find beauty in the waiting.

What people are saying about Beautiful Uncertainty

This is normally where you would find lots of flashy endorsements from flashy celebrities. But since I’m a real, imperfect, as-far-from-flashy-as-it-gets woman, and I write real and imperfect stories for real and imperfect women (and men!), this time around I wanted to do things a little differently.

This time, I wanted YOU, my readers, my real and imperfect and beautiful readers, to be the ones to tell other real and imperfect and beautiful people what you loved about this book. So for you there, yes, you: holding this book in your hands wondering if you should buy it, here’s what women and men just like you had to say about it…

Beautiful Uncertainty is an Incredible read. Mandy does such an amazing job reminding us that even when our lives feel chaotic, we live for a God who is unwavering. This book takes you through the hilarity, mishaps, and unplanned life moments and reminds you that they all a part of God’s greater plan.

Tori Fiorenza, former reality TV competitor on MTVs “The Challenge” and mom of two in Chicago

Mandy has done a masterful job with Beautiful Uncertainty. I love her honesty about what truly happens when we let go and fall in love with Jesus. Mandy weaves love through each page of her book and I think all single and married women should read it! I even recommend single and married men to do the same. After all, we all need to be enlightened!

Ruby Gettinger, star of the Emmy-nominated (and #1 reality show on Style Network for four seasons) Ruby, Gracie Award winner, author in Georgia

We live in a time when many things can be uncertain, but one thing is for sure – even in the waiting and uncertainty, Jesus never fails. Beautiful Uncertainty explores unchanging truths and challenges your faith to run wild. With transparency and humor, Mandy encourages us to look beyond our current circumstances as we cling to God’s promises for our lives. This book strengthened my faith, while challenging me to embrace God’s moments of silence and enjoy the journey! This book is a must-read, so go ahead and buy three or four copies, keep a copy and give one to the people you love. You won’t regret it!

Chris Osmore, Unconventional (male) coffee drinker, video producer, and fan of giraffes in Alabama

Mandy Hale does it again! Beautiful Uncertainty is the book that every woman needs in her life. This is by far Mandy’s most vulnerable, uplifting and inspiring book yet. As a single Christian woman I related to every aspect of this book and recognized my own walk with Christ. Mandy captures the true trenches and peaks in life that women face in today’s world. Beautiful Uncertainty is beautifully written, incredibly encouraging, and a forever favorite. It’s the BEST book I have read this year. HANDS DOWN.

Jordan Marie Davis, Miss Tennessee USA 2014, founder of Makeup by JMD, author of Letters to my Beloved, kickboxing enthusiast, and cupcake lover in Nashville

This book is very adventurous, witty, and has lots of great insight! Mandy is such a great storyteller, I kept noticing myself wanting to dig right into the next chapter. Excellent read…even for men!

Derek Evans, owner of Project 615 in Nashville

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