Day 16: If You Planted a Time Capsule Right Now To Be Opened in 20 Years, What Would Be In It?

Day16If I planted a time capsule right now that represented my life…what would be in it? Hmmm. I think I could probably fill it to the brim with books and call it a day. But that wouldn’t be very diverse, now would it?

There are the obvious things. My two books…words that will hopefully stand the test of time long after I’m gone. Writing is immortality, I suppose. It’s kind of nice knowing that 20 years from now, a single woman who lives and laughs and loves and struggles with some of the very same issues that you and I struggle with today might pick up my book, hop in her flying car, and head on her merry way. A Bible, of course. And not just any Bible; my Bishop TD Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed Bible that I received as a gift from my parents when I became a Christian at age 20. This Bible is even more special to me now, since I spoke at the “Woman Thou Art Loosed” Conference last week. An iPhone, since I spend so much of my time online and on social media. How funny and odd to think that our iPhones will look completely archaic 20 years from now. A photo of me and my family, because they are my most precious commodity. The pair of pink stilettos that I bought to mirror the pair on the cover of my first book, The Single Woman. The pressed bouquet that, though withered, has somehow stood the test of time since I caught it almost five years ago at my dear friend Erin’s wedding in Arizona. Catching that bouquet signaled my emancipation from the toxic, unhealthy relationship I felt trapped in for a year and a half; freeing myself from it signaled the beginning of my new identity as The Single Woman. A Starbucks mug…because STARBUCKS. And my Netflix membership card…because NETLIX. 🙂 My favorite pair of overalls, which symbolize my love of my newfound ranch life. And a stuffed cat, to represent my sweet little Himalayan fur face and constant companion, Prince Hairy.

And if I could…I would also bottle up all the love and laughter and tears and fears and beauty and brokenness of single life, so single girls 20 years and 50 years and 100 years from now would know that they are not alone. That generations of fierce, brave, silly, uncertain, hopeful single girls came before them and faced the same breathtaking highs and heartbreaking lows that they did…and survived. And didn’t just survive, but THRIVED. I’d like to think that in 20 years, my own daughter could be the one to open this imaginary time capsule and feel proud that her mom always found something to celebrate about single life, even at its loneliest and most unforgiving moments.

And maybe, just maybe, she’ll take the artifacts and the legacy that I left for her and turn it into her own little miracle. Because when you’re a single woman, anything’s possible.

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2 Responses to “ Day 16: If You Planted a Time Capsule Right Now To Be Opened in 20 Years, What Would Be In It? ”

  1. Mattie
    October 9, 2014

    G-ds word with John 3:16 marked in it .I am afraid the future generation may not know the name of Jesus or what an awesome and great sacrifice he made for them,or what a great love he has for them. yes ,that is what I would put in there.

    that and the book .Men are from Mars ,Women are from I also know that no matter how long the world goes on men and women will still be the same. still searching for each other ,still having so many diffrences,still not knowing ,does he really care about me,does she love sushie as much as I do .lol thats mens thought pattern.always will be

  2. Cameron Askren
    January 29, 2015

    my cross that was marked by John 3:16 that was given to me by my friend Janrace when I was baptized. I would add a small list of all the men that I have had a crush on. At the end of that list I will add thank god for unanswered prayers. I will add a pair of stud earrings and my footers chef coat. I love that coat. My first kitchen! I would add a list of all the things I have leaned in the past 10 years … that I wish someone would have told me about say at age 17. I would add a picture of my late husband and a list of goals that I hope to accomplish my age 50. Pictures of places that I plan to travel and $20 dollars .. so I can buy STARBUCKS after I rummage through it all .. because … well its STARBUCKS!I would put in a copy of the NOTEBOOK because I absolutely love and adore that movie. A picture of the man that owns my heart and I hate it as well as a small piece of my bamboo plant that I love. I never want that thing to die. I will add pictures of my nieces and list of all my favorite songs … haha. Im sure there would be some kind of chocolate and maybe my favorite bra so I could see what my style was like from then and now. I love, love, love this idea.

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