Dash of Sass: Girl, You’re Amazing…Just the Way You Are

BeautifulMakeup and spanx and hair extensions and photo shop and airbrushing and false eyelashes and plastic surgery and Botox and on and on and on. There are so many ways to cover and conceal and trim and blur and enhance who we are. And don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of a few of these things. (Especially hair extensions. Why does my hair grow a half an inch every 3 years?!? Okay I’m exaggerating but seriously, it grows at a snail’s pace.) However…I would contend that nothing on this list can contend with the wild beauty of laugh lines and freckles and bright eyes and messy hair and imperfect grin and natural glow and effortless confidence of a woman blissfully and unapologetically at home in her own skin. So go ahead and add all the bells and whistles if you must…but just remember there’s a gloriously beautiful, lovable, worthy woman underneath all the fuss.

“Cause girl, you’re amazing…just the way you are.”

8 Responses to “ Dash of Sass: Girl, You’re Amazing…Just the Way You Are ”

  1. Patricia
    September 5, 2014

    I used to be acquainted with a young woman who said she wore make-up to bed so her husband wouldn’t see the real her. Not only must her pillow cases been a mess, what could be so bad about her face. She actually developed bad skin from not letting her pores breathe. I for one am very happy to be a “plain Jane”. I even stopped wearing contact lenses years ago in favor of very stylish eyeglasses. I hear glasses are all the rage now, anyway.

  2. Shelly
    September 5, 2014

    Love it! As I have gotten older I truly appreciate who I am and the skin I’m in. Sure, I will wear make up sometimes and fix my hair etc., but there are many occasions that I go natural. I embellish for me no one else!

  3. September 6, 2014

    I have been a single woman for 16 years now and at times it has been up and down. My life has been a whirlwind of craziness and sometimes confusion. The only thing I’m sure of as a 52 year old woman is this “stick to being true to yourself and look at yourself in the mirror every single day and tell yourself that you are the best person you know!” Make-up is great and yes it’s nice to feel pretty and put on your beautiful clothes, but it doesn’t define you or your value. Being completely naked in the mirror and being able to look at yourself is the true definition of loving yourself .. Keep it real girls ! I struggle with this every single day so any reinforcements I get are always appreciated and excepted:)) my goal is to truly love me.. My kids are my entire world but if I don’t like myself than I’m no good for them or anyone else.. I believe that’s why I’m still single my boyfriend broke up with me a little over a year ago and is now married to who used to be my best friend . He said he didn’t want to get married when we were together and so that was a huge punch in the face for me.. I’ve had one date since and don’t know when I will again.. It seems all the good guys are taken so my path is in front of me and I have to make it my own:)) thanks for reading my post and letting me share my experience with you…..peace

  4. Penny
    September 6, 2014

    I stopped dying my hairs years ago and am loving it.. I don’t worry about roots showing!! Thankful to God I have hair and He made me just the way I am.. for His Glory and Honour. .

  5. Kim
    September 6, 2014

    I was in a 9 1/2 year relationship. When he left me, had a double life, with a younger woman, I wonder at times had I made myself more beautiful , more times, would he have found another. I came to a place in my life where wearing my hair up on my head sloppy, no make up , felt great. I always have to have make up on for work and I was always exhausted when I came home. Now , 30 pounds lighter , and I find myself fixing myself up to feel pretty so much more now. It makes me sad to think that this could be one of the reasons he chose to be unfaithful after 9 1/2 years. I am trying to love myself and realize that I wouldn’t want a man that based his love on what I looked like or how healthy I was. So so sad.

  6. mattie
    September 8, 2014

    well, good advise .I am happy just being me .maybe that comes from age .but after awhile you just get comfortable in your own skin .dont get me wrong , there are things i could deff…. work on ,like “weight” but other than that .Im good ,just plan ole me 🙂

  7. Bahia
    November 10, 2014

    Can you imagine how good it feels to find someone who loves your tiniest flows? I was fat for most of my life .. and i hated it .. until one day someone told me: even if you get huge .. I will have more space to love .. So, as Mandy says it very well, just be yourself; you are perfect being imperfect.

  8. Claire
    December 25, 2014

    Never truer words spoken. I see so many young girls/women who feel they need to conform to society’s expectations of “perfection’. I’dove someone to define perfection in an individual because, for me, everyone is perfect as they are. Even if they don’t see it themselves yet. Women caked in makeup that must take hours to take off, women undergoing cosmetic surgery for other people to be happy. It’s so sad. I’m fortunate enough to have a mum who instilled self belief in myself from a very young age, telling me that even though I was super skinny & just could not put weight on that I was still perfect. I was the way I was meant to be. That has never left me- even though I’m more curvy now lol! I am very happy in my own skin but feel for the young women growing up in this culture that seems to demand instant “perfection”. The pressure from peers, magazines etc must be huge and at that young age, if you haven’t had the string supportive women in your life lije I did, then you may end up in trouble and even more unhappy. Fantastiartic article & so relevant!!

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