A Lady Never…

A LadyIn honor of the release of my brand new book, I’ve Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has, I thought I’d put together a list of the Top Ten Things That a Lady Never Does, inspired by the book. So read, share, enjoy…and feel free to add your own thoughts about what a lady does (or doesn’t do) in the comments below! And also grab your copy of the book now anywhere books are sold if you want to read more. 🙂



1)      Dignity

2)      SpeedBump

3)      SettleLess

4)      Small

5)      BegLove

6)      UnhealthyBrave

7)      Relationship

8)      Boundaries

9)      Dignity

10)   Standards

61 Responses to “ A Lady Never… ”

  1. March 19, 2014

    Such an inspiration in my life. It’s amazing how people go through the same stuff just form and fashion. We encourage each other to live life to the fullest. # It’s all about Jesus! Stay Determined

    • kelebogilezane
      March 23, 2014

      I really liked this book it’s all that I need

    • adel seforo
      March 24, 2014

      Wow thank u soooo very much 4 d inspiration, m sooo touched by all ds, its like u talking 2 me u knw, I really needed ds in my life n feel much better. “Smily face”

    • TallulahBulger(Influentialpraiser)
      June 22, 2014

      Thanks Miss Mandy for allowing me to tell u how much your quotes and words of inspiration just enlightens my day. Thanx much.

  2. michelle cuellar
    March 19, 2014

    I love it!!

  3. charity
    March 19, 2014

    Love the book! Great inspiration…

  4. Colleen Davidson
    March 20, 2014

    Never forget to tell yourself every day how wonderful and proud of you, you are.

    • collins
      April 3, 2014

      Interesting…..Every woman is wondeful…and am proud of them because my mother brought me to this world a king….

    March 20, 2014

    This is so awesome.. Printed it to place in my journal..You ROCK. God Bless.

    • Floxy
      March 20, 2014

      I heart this, just pray that God will aid me to do all these

  6. Bolaji Olanrewaju
    March 20, 2014

    This is awesome
    .Thanks a lot!

  7. nzuki
    March 20, 2014

    now that’s a real lady…no apologies i love number 10

  8. Mattie
    March 20, 2014

    wow!!! thats good advise ,but a lot for a girl with low self asteem a life time of disappointments ,heartbreak, rejection and sexual abuse to aspire to. great advise ,but not feeling worthy of any of that today .pray for me ,that maybe one day I will be a (true lady) thanks for sharing .(just being honest and were the rubber meets the road.TODAY ,maybe tomorrow I might feel differently!!??

      March 20, 2014

      I hope you feel better today and forever.. If I may suggest you reading all of Mandy books, and Joyce Meyers. Battlefield of the mind. She was abused as a child, and the book is amaxzong. God Bless you and your walk. Be Still and know I am God…

    • Tiffer Bug
      March 20, 2014


      Keep your eyes focused on God and how He sees you! You are uniquely and wonderfully made! He loves you so much!! God is also the great Healer! He can heal the wounds from your past!! I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for seven years and I came out feeling pretty low, but I am now a living testimony of His love and healing. His gifts are for ALL of us! Beauty for Ashes by Joyce Meyer was really great for me, along with Godly counsel.


    • LoLo
      March 20, 2014

      I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I feel that way about myself almost every day. I wish I didn’t but I do and I can’t seem to control or.

    • kerri
      March 20, 2014

      You are so brave to put that out there! First let me tell you you are a SURVIVOR! Don’t let anyone or anything take that from you! No matter what life throws your way you’ll always have that. I’m telling you this as a survivor myself, so I understand everything that it entails, and I still have to deal with repercussions of what happened, the low self esteem etc., even though I know I’m better than that. The best advice I can give you is to print or write down those 10 items, and carry them with you, find a good therapist hopefully one specializing in sexual abuse, and build a close network of girlfriends. Lastly keep the Lord close. God Bless.

    • Kim
      March 20, 2014

      You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are the daughter of the Most High. Do not allow other people’s actions define who you are. Seek God to be your filling and completion!
      Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask you to cover Mattie right now. Allow her to feel your love and know she is your daughter whom you love and cherish and although she may not feel it, you have been there the entire time. You know her past, present and future. Do it right now and get yourself glory. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

    • March 20, 2014

      I know exactly how you feel,i too am dealing with a lot of what you’re going through.I’ll pray and hope you can get past it.hopefully we all can strive for what a lady never does article.God bless you!

    • Angela
      August 1, 2014

      Oh Maddie, never give up. You may not feel these things today but keep a positive mind and always believe in yourself. Even if it’s only baby steps just keep moving forward in your life and good things will begin to happen. Find someone to talk to, a friend, a family member, a therapist and talk about it, cry about it, let it all out. We all deserve happiness no matter what our past has been. What defines us is who we are today, not who we used to be. You can turn things around and you can become anything you want if you just believe in yourself. You are already a true lady, you just need help to realize that.

  9. Tru2_Ria
    March 20, 2014

    Words/rules to live by. #Truth

  10. Mattie
    March 20, 2014

    oh and p.s I still think you are the wisest woman on earth right now. you do have such great adive and wisdom to give .we only need to listen and believe 😉

  11. March 20, 2014

    Thank you for your labor of love. I appreciate this.

  12. Arlene
    March 20, 2014

    So, I was in a mood this morning (it just changed) because I stood up for my standards and told a guy that I did not appreciate him disrespecting me. He went silent. This morning I woke up feeling sorry for myself, feeling a little rejected. THEN I read this list! Its like I just got a super great infusion of strength!! I am a lady. This is on Time! Love it! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. March 20, 2014

    That is so inspiring and empowering, a lot of young woman need to know and understand this, #I’m touched and moved by this#.

  14. Reneé Mair
    March 20, 2014

    I like it. I like it. I really, really like it. I found it to be really insightful. Thanks.

  15. Amber
    March 20, 2014

    Loved all 10 nothing but the truth!!!!!!!

  16. AC
    March 20, 2014

    I love all of them! Your book has helped me start healing from my past breakup. I had to walk away from someone that (in your words) “I kept giving my heart to him and he kept giving it back.” I cannot tell you how much happier I am and hop empowered I feel. I have told so many people about your book that I just finished reading 2 days ago. I read it in a few hours. The Best!!

  17. Heather Britain
    March 20, 2014

    I am amazed at how deeply your book has spoken to my heart!

  18. Joy George
    March 20, 2014

    WOW!!! Brilliant,I love this.

  19. josephine
    March 20, 2014

    I love this list. (5), (8) and (10) are my absolute favorites! God bless u Mandy xxoo

  20. Isabel
    March 20, 2014


  21. Jenna Pieterse
    March 20, 2014

    Thanks Mandy, I think I have broken all the above rules. Am trying to re-piece everything back together again. Thanks for your inspiration.

  22. March 20, 2014

    Thank you for #4. That is one I am, unfortunately, very guilty of…I need to change that right away.

  23. JH
    March 21, 2014

    What an amazing list! I must say #3 is what had my name all over it…I’ve recently made substantial life change to address this and and many others on this list, although overall I’m much happier, I miss a lot of things about the past and am struggling right now. Looking for the strength to work through these feelings and hoping brighter days are ahead soon.

  24. March 21, 2014

    I LOVE #10!!! I am in such an awesome place in my life and for the first time ever, I am not afraid to ask for what I am worth and what I deserve. For the first time I don’t feel bad asking and I don’t worry about how it will make the person respond. I just called my friend yesterday and excitedly talked about how awesome it is to know my worth and my value and to ask for no less. Guess what is happening? What I ask for is what is happening. I am not talking material things, but I deserve to know that I am thought about and cared about. I deserve to not be last on the list and if I can’t have that then I am clearly not in the right place. I am a daughter of the king! We should be treated right and we should not feel guilty for asking for it.

    All of your points are true, but #10 rings so true to me right now!

  25. lydia Alasa
    March 22, 2014

    Thank you….no 8 I find it really difficult because im scared I will hurt people or I just like ppleasingpeople

  26. March 22, 2014

    I love EVERYTHING you put across and how you give us the singletons hope and affirmation in who we are and what we believe in. I am definitely sharing this on my blog. X

  27. March 22, 2014

    Just went thru divorce after over 30 yrs of marriage, not by choice. Trying to let go and move on from someone who obviously cares little or nothing about me.

  28. carmela
    March 22, 2014

    yeah… all true! we should respect man and respect ourselves as much as we do to them!

  29. March 23, 2014

    Mattie: i know exactly what you mean, i was about to comment the same thing when i read your comment. It isnt easy to do these things when you have low self esteem. I know. Its so hard to be yourself when youve been alone forever you just want someone to stay with you, to love you the way you deserve. I still am trying to say what i really think and things like that, because my life has been full of loneliness and abuse. My father was an alcoholic and he would shake me when i was a child, i think this is the core reason why i have no esteem for myself because there was worse things that happened to me as well. But a dad is who teaches the girl her worth… I can’t help thinking i am always going to disappoint.

  30. Nikkyvet
    March 23, 2014

    Knowing your worth makes you know those who worth you. Discover yourself..

  31. cristelle
    March 23, 2014

    Well I turned 26 today and I’m gonna do what fits me and if something don’t feel right I gotta follow my gut feeling straight off first cos that’s y we women got female tuition right?
    So I’m doing me from today and to not let peoples opinion bout me effect me so much

  32. March 23, 2014

    Yeah ,what she said! Love it!

  33. Ngoni
    March 23, 2014

    …reveals what’s been told to her. She accepts the role God gave her in life with much appreciation and acceptance.

  34. Sarah
    March 23, 2014

    Great reminder! Thank you.

  35. shruti
    March 24, 2014

    i did all these things
    but never again
    won’t do it again.

  36. isy
    March 25, 2014

    Lovely. Tnx

  37. SonShyne
    March 26, 2014


  38. Hlengiwe
    April 4, 2014

    Thank you Mandy for sharing. I like number 3,5,9 and 10. I pray that God help us ladies to know that we have our worth in Him and are complete in Him. Colossians 2:10.

  39. Kai
    April 8, 2014

    I believe #1 fits my life right now. I’m a caring person who has devoted much time into other people’s happiness that I lost site of my own. This is inspirational for me, it reminds me to take control of my life and use my time to learn myself and more of God.

  40. Zeshly
    April 9, 2014

    Thank you Mandy for these quotes, We thank God for you. God bless u.

  41. Kristin
    April 9, 2014

    This is SO great! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Laura Brown
    April 29, 2014

    Mandy, These are awesome reminders and advice 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I’m sharing it on our Portico facebook page as well 🙂

  43. Robyn
    May 20, 2014

    Mandy, I LOVE your book!

  44. Loreal
    June 11, 2014

    I loved all of these. They really had me thinking

  45. June Grace
    June 23, 2014

    A Lady never needs to yell for what is ready to be heard will be heard in a whisper

  46. Christine
    July 7, 2014

    It is so amazing how all your quotes really get to me and applying them in my life has really helped me move forward in my relationship with God, my career and embracing my singleness. Thank you for being a blessing

  47. Jeri Apple Herrera
    July 19, 2014

    Youa are really an inspiration. I’ll forever be a fan! I’m always looking up on new updates on your twitter and your blogs. Thanks for keeping us motivated! God bless youir good heart. Xoxo! :*

  48. Amy
    July 31, 2014

    I agree with all of these “A Lady Never….” unfortunately I HAVE done all of these thinking that would be the only way to make me loved. I have finally turned that thought process and feel around with much help from friends and reading books like this! Thank you Ms. Hale for writing this book!

  49. September 3, 2014

    Your qoutes its really touchy… I love it. God bless you to keep educating and encouraging people in different issues!

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Something wonderful is on the horizon
Turn Toward the Sun CoverLife doesn’t always look the way we want it to look. In Mandy’s upcoming book, Turn Toward the Sun: Releasing What If and Embracing What Is, you’ll find encouragement to live in the moment, sit with your experiences, and trust God with the unknown.
Preorder from Baker Book House for 40% off and free shipping!*
*US shipping only