Coming Soon to the Blog! “He Said, She Said” with The Single Woman & Daniel Goddard

He Said, She SaidHey friends! I’m SO excited to be able to tell you about the new blog series I’m starting with star of The Young & the Restless, Daniel Goddard. Because you guys LOVED the “Behind the Curtain” interview I did with Daniel SO MUCH…we decided to make it a regular thing!

“He Said, She Said” will give you guys the chance to submit questions and ask for advice about ANYTHING…from love to career to friendships to marriage to dating to dreams to living your best life and so on. Married or single, male or female, wherever you may be and whatever your question may be…we want to hear from YOU! Once a month we will pick the top three questions and Daniel and I will each give our advice from our own unique perspectives. He’s a guy, I’m a girl…he’s married, I’m single…he’s more a man of science, I’m a woman of faith: So no matter where you are, who you are, or what you believe, “He Said, She Said” is bound to meet you right where you’re at!

Submit your questions to Daniel and I on Twitter: @TheSingleWoman & @DanielGoddard or Facebook: & using the hashtag #HeSaidSheSaid. Or simply post your question in the comments below!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the conversation develops! I love connecting with you guys and hearing from you about the things in life that stump you the most, such as…

“Is this guy really into me?”

“How do I handle a needy friend?”

“When is the right time to quit my job to follow my dreams?”

“If he’s ONLY text messaging me and not calling, is he really interested in me?”

“How do I make friends in a new city?”

These are just a FEW examples of questions you guys have submitted me in the past…and now you’ll get not only the female perspective from me, but the male perspective from Daniel. How much FUN is this going to be?!?

Start sending in your questions NOW for the first edition of  “He Said, She Said,” coming SOON!

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14 Responses to “ Coming Soon to the Blog! “He Said, She Said” with The Single Woman & Daniel Goddard ”

  1. Heather
    October 22, 2013

    Hi!! I’m so interested to get a he said/she said perspective on a situation I’m in. I have a great guy friend who I’ve known for years. Honestly, there’s chemistry between us, but the timing has never been right. He’s currently in a year long relationship with a girl he admits he isn’t “over the moon” over and blames it on a bad break up he had a few years ago and a piece of his heart that will never be the same. Am I wrong to tell him he needs to dump his girlfriend because she deserves someone who is crazy about her? Also, he and I talk every day (because we really are good friends), but we can never hang out because the girlfriend thinks of me as a threat and doesn’t even know we talk as much as we do. Even though nothing physical is happening (because he won’t even see me to avoid a fight with her), is it wrong of me to continue routine conversations with this guy? I knew him first…shouldn’t he take a stand for his friendships?

  2. October 22, 2013

    What’s the best way to move on? Well it’s not a bad break-up to begin with, actually we both decided to end it. But, I’m still longing for him. I know he loves me and I love him so much too :(. But we can’t continue our relationship. It’s too complicated; 1. it’s a interracial relationship. 2. different religions. 3. Long-distance relationship.
    At first, it’s all nothing we still continue loving each other, we even planned marrying each other, but every single day we’re scared that we’re going to lose each other someday. Until one day, he just suddenly acted differently. I can feel it. And then, he said he can’t anymore. He said, he doesn’t love me anymore and that he can’t live with this kind of feeling that I can’t be with him. But I know it’s not. It’s just his excuse. He broke up with me, completely no communication and all. I’m left with this guilty feeling – what have I done wrong, is there something wrong with me, why. 🙁 </3
    Is he a coward for not standing up for me? or does he loves me too much, he wants me to be happy on my own 'cause he can't give that happiness to me?

  3. Judy Prestia
    October 22, 2013

    Why do men suddenly stop calling or asking you out on more dates ? Especially after they had several good dates with you and seemed very interested?

    • Jillian
      October 28, 2013

      I second this question!!! I’ve been on this one month dating curse that I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t physically and emotionally care anymore. So then when unexpectedly my friend introduces me to this guy (mind you 5 years younger than me) and we have this great connection, enjoy each other’s company, and he is always positive when asked about how things are going, I found myself liking him and caring after I told myself not to and the moment his texts start coming longer apart and shorter in response or not all together….what real man just cuts a girl off? I’ve always been told to be available but not too available or make a guy miss you or chase you. Why should it be a game like this? If you both like each, are interested in each other, and even better enjoy each other’s company one dates and such….why stop texting or calling all of a sudden?

  4. Jamie
    October 22, 2013

    Hi I think I could definitely benefit from your expert advice.Ive had a very close male friend for 4 yrs.Its never been a romantic thing.Then communication was less frequent so I contacts him & voiced my concerns.He apologised & told me he was seeing somebody great for him I thought.Its been about 8 months now & I haven’t heard from him AT ALL.No happy birthday,Congratulating me on earning my degree.I am very hurt by this as we were close.Its seems silly as I’ve never previously been a threat ,Ive been friends with previous GFs.So now I’m wondering if I should bother to voice my issues or just carry on like we were never friends . Thanks !

  5. October 22, 2013

    That’s awesome. I love Daniel Goddard.

  6. Lindsay
    October 23, 2013

    I recently started seeing someone. He is a nice guy who I am starting to like the only problem is that I don’t know if he feels the same. I got out of a bad relationship last year and this is the first guy I’ve hung out with consistently since and that I actually like. Unfortunately our schedules are different so we only end up seeing each other on the weekend and we don’t talk too much during the week (usually twice a week) so I can’t get a good read on if he is actually interested in something more or just a hook up. We have been hanging out for about a month but we haven’t had the talk about past relationships and I don’t even know if that is necessary? I need perspective can anyone help!

  7. Mary
    October 23, 2013

    Thoughts on online dating? I much prefer to meet someone in person but sometimes doubt that it is going to happen. I’ve tried online dating before and didn’t like it. But maybe that’s how people meet now a days? It certainly isn’t how I pictured meeting my someone but I am not sure. Any insight or thoughts would be awesome!!! 🙂

  8. October 23, 2013

    Hi, is there anything wrong with me or my hubby? He’s back inlove with 2 exlovers he impregnated before marrying me. Now staying with them both @ our house. Both girls have become friends and are using my car.we r married for 10years with 4kids.

  9. Dee
    October 23, 2013

    So I’ve been talking to this guy for just a week now. I’m in my early 20’s and he’s almost 30. Things have been going well and we enjoy each others’ company. Recently he let me know that he’s actually divorced. The divorce was finalized a couple of years ago. Basically he got married in his early 20’s and realized it was a mistake (the divorce was his choice). We didn’t get a chance to really talk more about it. I was just in shock. I don’t know what to do… I’m not sure if this is a deal breaker for me. Being young, I didn’t ever picture myself getting with someone with has already been married. I’m not sure if I should just continue seeing him. I’m just so torn because I do like him as a person but I’m worried that I may get insecure later or that he just won’t be committed. My parents have always told me to stick it out with one person, like they have. And I just don’t think they’ll even approve either. There’s just so many thoughts going through my head. Help!

  10. ArtHeart
    October 24, 2013

    So….I’m 25 and have never been in a relationship, never been on a date, or even held a guy’s hand. I am not a hermit- quite the opposite! I’ve been described as the life of the party and I meet new people often through events with a local meetup group as well as hang out with my usual friends. I am intelligent, educated, and I have recently begun my career as an art teacher. I feel like all my ducks are lined up in a row except for one: I’m overweight. Is it really that big of a sin to outweigh all my other awesomeness? I’ve recently lost some weight but I still have a ways to go. I take care of myself with my clothes, makeup, I know I’m not ugly/frumpy. I am not shy- I talk to everyone! I am extremely friendly and warm. But still, nothing. It’s very hard. I mean, never even being asked on a date… sometimes it makes me feel just so undesireable and depressed. I know, get the violin lol. But for real, I’m really struggling with issues of self worth, like what’s so bad about me that no one wants me?

  11. October 25, 2013

    Are guys really that oblivious to your feelings? A guy from my Bible study and I hit it off really quickly and became fast friends. It wasn’t until a friend pointed out that we’d be a cute couple that I began to see him in “that light”. He and I went to the movies, a play, the symphony and to dinner a couple of times, but when I finally got up the nerves to tell him how I felt about our relationship and that I wanted something more, he said he had no idea that I felt that way. Due to a upcoming move cross-country for him, he suggested we should remain friends. Was he just leading me on or was he really that blind?

  12. Ngoni
    October 27, 2013

    I guess a question I have is why a man would propose to a woman and then turn around and marry someone else. I have asked this question to one male co-worker already and he told me it’s because they think you aren’t interested in them if there is a lag in communication. Is this true? I thought saying ‘yes’ to a proposal was a good indication that you ARE interested in them! My story: Jason proposed to me. I said, ‘yes’. He went backpacking to Africa. Never heard from him again. I just wanted to know this for some closure in my life. I’ve already moved on, but the question still lingers in my mind.

  13. Marie
    November 2, 2013

    I just turned 41 and I have never been married. Most people think I’m about 32. Some think I’m younger. I’ve been fortunate to come from a line of women that look younger than their age. When people find out my true age, of course they want to know why I’ve never been married. There is more than one reason why I haven’t found the right man yet.

    I was very overweight for most of my life. From about 2nd or 3rd grade until about 2009. I grew up feeling I was never good enough physically because I was made fun of and tortured as a kid by other kids. On top of that my father was very unhappy with himself and took that out on myself, my brother and my Mom as far as criticizing us in just about every way possible. Because of these reasons, I was a late bloomer in the dating department and developed many insecurities. I’ve had relationships, but no one I’ve been mutually interested in has truly courted me or said they wanted to be with me and meant it. There have been 4 men I would have considered marrying if the relationship had gotten to that point, but for at least 2 of those, I’m glad it did not because they would have not worked out. I suppose the other 2 wouldn’t have either since they didn’t work out, but they were better people than the other 2. In the years since losing weight, from 2007, I’ve done a lot of self awareness and improvement on the inside and out. So once again I guess I am a late bloomer, but I’ve always been good at being on my own and by myself.

    Up until about 2 years ago I didn’t think I ever wanted to get married. I then realized I had been telling myself I didn’t care if I got married because I didn’t think anyone would ever want to marry me. It was easier to convince myself to feel it wasn’t for me. I became jaded about the subject. A few years before I realized that getting married is something that I want, I was laid off from my job and lost a house I had purchased all on my own. I had to move back home with my Mom at the age 37 and I’m blessed to have that option. I decided to go to college to try to at least improve my chances of getting a better job and maybe find a career I would love doing. I started school in the Fall of 2010. I was an angry person before this because of my struggles and I was coming out of a severe depression. About a year into school I met someone that woke me up and made me care again. I started caring about how I looked, continued to lose weight and became alive. This is when I discovered that I did want to get married. I guess this man was only meant to bring me out of the remaining depression and make me care again because turns out he was a lot younger than me and in a relationship that had ended at one point and then was back on. We were never more than acquaintances because we only talked at school, but if he had been available I would have wanted all of it; the whole thing, marriage babies, etc., with him. He made me want to be a better person, made me want to be me again, but a better version. I have had moments of happiness in life, but during my time knowing him I never felt so positive, ecstatic and hopeful.

    I finished school this past Spring, found a part time job doing what I went to school for to gain some experience and I love it. In the process of moving on I had to start letting him go, but it has been very difficult for me to do. We attempted to be friends on social media, but his girlfriend isn’t having it and I don’t blame her. I have not attempted to continue to talk to him, but it’s very difficult for me to completely let go all the time and not think about him. I’m doing much better than I was a few months ago. The idea of not having him in my life at all was devastating for quite some time and at times it’s still difficult.

    My resources for meeting people are very limited. I’m looking for a regular weekend part time job to supplement my part time job in my field; while also looking for a full time job in my field. Currently my funds don’t allow me to have a lot of extra spending money. I grew up in a nearby state, moved to the south after high school with my family and then moved back to the area I grew up in, but one state over in 2004. All my friends I had before I moved to the south are either married and have kids, or are divorced with kids and don’t live close. When I moved back to the area I worked at the same place for 3 and 1/2 years and then got laid off. Then I started school a year and a half later. During this time I’ve had friendships that seem to just fade away for one reason or another and I’ve had people either treat me as if there in some kind of competition with me or act like my friend and then stab me in the back. I have friends that I talk to, lots of acquaintances, but most people seem very busy with their lives. I thought I had some friends from the college that would keep in touch with me, but none have developed into a real friendship. I used to have lots of friends and a few really close friends, then I moved to the south right after high school and we all moved on for the most part. I had friends in the south, but once again I eventually moved and those friendships eventually faded.

    I’ve dated in general off and on. I’ve done the online dating off and on since it was first on the scene in the late 90’s. I’ve recently taken a break from it. I’ve been on dates and if I felt there was a connection, they didn’t. If they liked me, I wasn’t feeling it. In the last year the online dating has been mostly guys that I would have gone out with that pursued me, but we’d make plans or we’d text back and forth for awhile and they’d just all of a sudden disappear and I’d never hear from them again. Some ended up being not who they claimed to be.

    I try to stay positive and in the last few months your tweets have helped me with feeling that way, but I can’t seem to keep that positive attitude always. I get down and discouraged and wonder why haven’t I found him yet? My job allows me to meet new people on occasion, but no one has come along yet that have made any moves, but that is still new and there haven’t been any real opportunities yet for that to happen.

    The only people I have in my life that have ever accepted me completely just as I am is a few close family members, and my best friend, who is my cousin who lives in Texas. I don’t believe anyone is meant to be alone, but why have I had to wait so long? Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me? I know there are people, including some in my family that wonder if I’m gay. I’m not, but the older I get and the longer it takes, the more it makes some people wonder. These are people that don’t really know me and haven’t tried to get to know me, but it still bothers me at times.

    I try to tell myself my most recent realization, that it’s taken this long because I had to overcome the insecurities that were holding me back. I had to deal with the things I believed about myself because others told me that’s who I was. I try to believe that all this time I had to come to a point where I finally really worked on myself and found a way to lose the weight and keep it off and in the process do the work to become who I’m supposed to be. I’ve recently had this feeling that I might be coming full circle and my time might be soon, but that’s when I’m having a few good days or week and my over thinking hasn’t taken over my brain. When I feel that, is it really the case or is it just because it’s what I want it to be? I know I will always grow and learn even after finding the right guy, so when have I done enough work that the time is right? I know it might be too late for me to have kids of my own, but am I really ok? Is it too late for me to find true love?

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