The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Show Gratitude…Not Attitude!

Quote of the Day:

“Take an inventory of your life and look specifically for the blessings, large and small, you have received.” ~Thomas S. Monson

The Single Woman Says:

My birthday was a week ago, and as most people do, I took the day to gaze upon the past year of my life and as the quote above says, take inventory of everything that happened to me over the course of 365 days, good and bad. And though when I was living it, it often felt as though there were days when the sun would never shine again, like when I lost my grandfather, I was overwhelmed by how much hindsight can help you see the big picture more clearly. It hit me how glorious the past year of my life really was, and how many blessings had been heaped upon me, and how very humbled and awestruck I was to be at the end of a banner year in my life. It just goes to show how often we miss the forest for the trees in our lives. When we’re in it, living the day-to-day, running the rat race called LIFE, we often lose sight of the big picture. We get so resentful about the lessons that we overlook the blessings. So, at midnight on my birthday, I sat outside on the very cold steps in front of my apartment with a big blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, and I spent at least an hour simply giving thanks. I decided I wasn’t going to ask God for a single thing, or as I often do, ask him WHY He’s taking so long to answer a prayer, but just express my gratitude for what He’s doing and for His perfect timetable, which is often so different but so much more perfect than mine.

We get so busy asking God for things that we want that we often forget to thank Him for the things we already have. And we don’t just do it with God, we do it in our everyday lives. We take things and people and opportunities for granted instead of being gracious and thankful that they were brought into our lives in the first place. Maybe you don’t like your job. Maybe it’s FAR from your dream job and there are annoying people you have to deal with and it doesn’t pay enough. But guess what? A lot of people don’t have jobs at all! Don’t you think someone struggling to make ends meet or pay the bills or even keep a roof over their heads would change places with you in a New York minute? Grumbling and negativity and a poor attitude about your circumstances does nothing but keeps you stuck in those very circumstances. Your life isn’t perfect, no one’s is…but it’s precious because it is uniquely YOURS. Cherish it. Appreciate it. Stop asking for things from God and people and life and start asking what YOU can give back to God and people and life.

Today: Tell someone who has made a difference in your life THANK YOU. Tell someone you love how you feel. If you still have your parents, hug them tight. Pray for someone who wronged you. Today is the last day of November, and December will take us right into 2013. Get ready for the new year and your new chapter by giving gratitude and thanks and love to those who have helped you tell your story over the past year. Change your “Please’s” to “Thank you’s.” Instead of asking for more, simply give thanks for what IS!

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