The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Celebrate Your Single Life!

Quote of the Day:

“Being single used to mean nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty sexy, and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.” ~Sarah Jessica Parker

The Single Woman Says:

For too long, the word “Single” has seemed to be synonymous with words like unworthy, desperate, flawed, unlovable. It’s ridiculous, really, to imply that there is somehow something inherently wrong with a person simply because they haven’t yet found someone worthy of pledging themselves to forever. Marriage is a BIG deal…something that it seems many people have forgotten. In their rush to settle down, people are settling instead. It has been my goal for the past two and a half years to reverse the negative mindsets and connotations people have about being single and to remind single women across the world that the single journey is far from pathetic and hopeless and sad and miserable. After all, as singles, we live a much braver life than our married counterparts. We pay our own bills and mow our own lawns and change our own tires and look fabulous doing it. J We live life on our own terms. We experience life in a way that women who are married at age 22 never will. Yes, we know loneliness and sacrifice and uncertainty…but we also know independence and freedom and boldness on levels that many people are never asked or expected to rise to. We become exactly who we are meant to be without help or advice or opinions from a partner. Because of this, when we finally DO find love, we can revel in the fact that we don’t have someone around because we NEED them, but because we WANT them. We’re not asking anyone to COMPLETE us, but merely to COMPLIMENT us. And we don’t need a better half, cause we are already whole!

Because I am of the opinion that single life should be celebrated and not simply tolerated, I have designed a line of products that allow us sassy single ladies to do just that. The Single Woman’s Shop debuted on Friday and is already creating quite a buzz. I wanted to take some of my sassiest and most fabulous tweets and turn them into products that you could feel proud and excited to wear and to own. And your voices have been heard, too. Among the collection are several favorite “The Single Woman” tweets recommended by YOU! And I am always taking suggestions for new designs, so if you have a favorite that’s not represented, email me at [email protected] and we will create it for you! Nowhere on the current fashion scene or pop culture scene are people CELEBRATING the spirit of The Single Woman, until now…and it is my proudest moment to be able to bring these products to you. The time is NOW to rise up and silence our critics by showing the world that we are proud to be women who are single rather than women who settled! I hope you will check out the store, email me with your feedback, and send me pics of you wearing your merchandise so I can start a gallery of strong, happy, confident women from around the globe doing their single girl rock with pride.  To check out the store, simply click the picture below. And from me to you – THANK YOU for being who you are and for bravely sharing your stories and hearts and journeys with me. I hope I can always continue to inspire you in new ways!



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