The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Kindness is a Calling

Quote of the Day:          

“God dances with the outcast.”  ~Steven James

The Single Woman Says:

For my entire life, I have been drawn to the outcasts. The people who society rejects. Those who the “majority” ignore. The unloved, the unwanted, the undesired. When we were growing up, my sister and I brought home stray kitties and puppies that had missing fur, broken limbs…in one case, missing a leg all together. The animals that had absolutely no hope of ever being adopted, and were one breath away from their last…those were the ones we loved the most. At school, I gravitated toward the kids who were bullied, ostracized, made fun of. The little girl who had not one friend to her name, I took under my wing. When the mean kids chased her on the playground, calling her names, I grabbed her hand and helped her run for refuge. When the boy who always misbehaved in class (probably because he had absolutely no one at home showing him the right way to behave) was denied a treat at the end of the day when the rest of the class got one, I gave him mine. Later in life, that same boy was killed in a drive-by shooting. It’s entirely possible that he went through his entire life never being accepted or loved for who he was…and that to me is a true tragedy. So if I can do my part in this angry, unjust, often unfair world that we live in to make someone feel a little bit more loved, a little more accepted, a little more celebrated for being exactly who they are – I’m going to do it. I urge you to, too. There are many races and religions and orientations and groups of people who are unfortunately treated as outcasts in our society. I think as human beings, it is our place to bring people in from the fringes and welcome them into the fold. It’s not a political thing, or a religious thing…it’s a human being thing.

Today: Take a moment to look around you and identify those in your workplace, in your church, at your gym, on the street…who don’t quite fit in. Give them a smile, a hug, a wave, a helping hand. There are many different callings in life, and kindness is one of them. Answer that call today…and give the person on the other end a little more hope. 

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