The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: How to Handle an Encounter With an Ex

Quote of the Day:

“Anyone you have unresolved issues with you are bound to run into again and again until you resolve them.” ~Sex & the City

The Single Woman Says:

Lately it seems like I’ve been getting a recurring question from my readers: “How do you handle a run-in with an ex?” It seems as much as we would like to avoid these awkward encounters, because of shared interests and mutual friends, we are often thrust into situations that involve us in close proximity from our former flames. One such reader is a young lady who has been invited to a co-ed baby shower that her ex will be at – with his new wife. She wondered if she should even attend the event at all, or simply bow out gracefully, due to the fact that she has never seen her ex and his wife together, and it will undoubtedly be difficult for her. To that I say: Never let another person, or their memory, dictate your actions or control your life. Live your life the way you would if that other person wasn’t even in the picture. Sure, seeing an ex you had a hard time getting over is always going be tough…but you’re tougher 🙂 And once you’ve seen them & moved past the initial shock, you’ll realize that you’re a stronger, better person because you faced your past & didn’t back down!

Oh, and an encounter with an ex that you know about ahead of time and have time to plan for also offers you the delicious ability to show up looking as hot as you’ve ever looked, and show that person from your past exactly what they’re missing out on. 🙂 Which is a heck of a lot better than running into them at Walmart while wearing PJ’s and rollers in your hair, as my life tends to go! LOL!

Whatever you decide, above all, remember this: No matter what happens when your path collides with that of an ex, a few minutes of conversation with a shadow from your past cannot take away the shine of your future. Let go of any need to control the situation and allow life to take over. You might find that after seeing him again, you can’t for the life of you remember what you ever saw in him to begin with. You might find that your heart healed itself without you even realizing it. But whatever you find, it doesn’t change the person that you are today. Allow yourself a brief emotional road trip to the Past for a few minutes, then follow your heart back to the yellow brick road of your fabulous future. You battled a broken heart and won. You didn’t let the loss of someone you loved defeat you. Now you’ve faced down the ghosts of your past and guess what? You’re still standing. Was there ever anyone more worthy of a crown than the girl who faced her history and didn’t back down?

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