The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: The Truth Behind Social Media Shadiness

Quote of the Day:

“Love isn’t complicated – people are.” ~Unknown

The Single Woman Says:

Social media shadiness. Facebook shadiness. Twitter shadiness. Texting/BBM/IM’ing shadiness. We’ve all been a victim of it at one point or another. A guy you’re dating doesn’t approve your friend request. Still another never responds to you in public on Twitter – only through DM’s. And another always manages to “accidentally” un-tag himself in the cute, couple-y photos you post of the two of you together.

I once had a guy who would Blackberry message me INCESSANTLY for days at a time…then delete me from his contacts all together. I’d wake up in the morning, expecting to see a cute message or a smiley face from him, and instead he’d vanished without a trace from my list of contacts. I put up with this three times before I called him on his BS excuse of “I was trying to update my BBM and I accidentally deleted you.” Really?!? Once might be believable, twice FEASIBLE…but three times in a row? I, of course, later found out that he had a girlfriend the entire time and had to delete me from his list of BBM contacts every time she came around so she wouldn’t catch him creeping around behind her back. Incidentally enough, that same guy now has a new girlfriend…at least in theory. In reality, he hides his Facebook relationship status so he can still skeeze on other girls behind his “girlfriend’s” back.

Here’s what I’m here to tell you, friends: If the person you’re “in a relationship” with doesn’t publicly claim you…chances are, you’re not in a relationship. Am I saying that love is DEFINED by Facebook? Absolutely not. But is love defined by Facebook shadiness? Absolutely! If someone really WANTS to be with you…they’ll be shouting it from the rooftops…not sweeping you under the rug. If they refuse to friend you on Facebook, block you from seeing their Twitter page, always un-tag photos of the two of you together, delete you from their BBM contact list every other day, hide their relationship status, or display general shadiness in any of the above areas…they are not on the up-and-up. Bottom line: Social media shadiness is indicative of real-life shadiness. And your light is TOO bright to put up with someone who casts shade on you! After all, if they’re not proud to be with you…maybe they shouldn’t be with you. It might be time to unfriend, block, and move on.


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