The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Living On Purpose

Quote of the Day:

“There’s a price that comes with living your purpose. You can expect criticism, turbulence. You have to know when your space is too small for you and you have to be birthed into the next level. You cannot depend on people to let you know when it’s time to go to the next level. People love you until you leave. When you get ready to move on, you hit the most resistance from the step you stepped away from, not the step you stepped toward.” ~TD Jakes

The Single Woman Says:

There has never been an advancement of my life to the next level without a heck of a lot of adversity. When you are on the plane headed straight for your destiny and purpose, expect turbulence – cause I can promise, it’s a-comin’! The weeks of my life leading up to my departure for Oprah’s Lifeclass, where I was a part of the “VIP” blogging team covering the events, were a cloud of chaos and angst. It seemed like one thing after another after another went wrong. People hurt my feelings. I got sick. Family issues arose out of nowhere. My confidence took a hit, then took a few more. People left my life, without explanation. Random things went wrong. Why, you might ask? WHY must miracles be proceeded by mayhem? Because all miracles are birthed from pain, my friends! You can’t have a testimony without a test or a message without a mess. I can look back now at the past few months of my life and see how it was all leading me right up to the point where I needed to be – broken. I needed to arrive at Lifeclass with an open heart, and sometimes a heart has to be broken before it can truly be opened. The REAL lessons in life don’t come when we’re basking in the sun on the mountaintop, but when we’re fighting our way through the storms of the valley.

As Bishop Jakes says in today’s quote – there IS a price that comes with living on purpose. But remember: Nothing worth having ever comes without a price. If your destiny was handed to you on a silver platter, I doubt if you’d even want it. It would be meaningless. The sweetest victories always lie on the other side of the most hard-fought battles. For more on this topic, don’t miss Bishop TD Jakes on Oprah’s Lifeclass tonight ay 8/7 CDT, only on OWN. I watched this class be taped and I can promise, it WILL change your life. It changed mine. 




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