The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Imperfection is Beauty

Quote of the Day:

“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” ~Brene Brown

The Single Woman Says:

Here’s what I’m learning: None of us have “arrived.” I was emailing with a friend yesterday who is experiencing some struggles and growing pains and uncertainties in her life right now, and I assured her that it didn’t make her weird, or inadequate, or flawed. And whatever you’re going through in your own journey today, whether it’s insecurity or fear or self-doubt or WHATEVER it might be: Believe me…your feelings are more common than you know…and you are NOT alone. I’m right there with you. We’re all still figuring out who we are…and some days are wins and other days are big, fat loses. But at the end of the day…the game is always worth it. In the midst of our struggle to find out who we are, there are infinite possibilities for beauty, and hope, and magic. Don’t forget that, even on your most challenging days.

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