The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: What IS Sexy?

Quote of the Day:

“Being a sex symbol has to do with attitude, not looks. Most men think it’s looks, most women know otherwise.” ~Kathleen Turner

The Single Woman Says:

As women, it’s typical for us to pick ourselves apart…dissect our flaws…obsess over every wrinkle, stretch mark, or blemish…compare ourselves to women we consider prettier, skinnier, BETTER. We diet and pluck and wax and dye and polish and cut and tan…working to cover up the things about ourselves that we don’t like. We try the Shake Weight, the BumpIt, Booty Pads, Wonder Bras, Spanx, and Botox. We look for our reflection in mirrors that show us our faces but not our souls and gauge our level of beauty by the attention we get from MEN rather than the light we carry within. We are, without a doubt, our harshest critics.

As I sit here writing, a Victoria’s Secret commercial flashes onto my TV screen. “What Is Sexy?” it asks in bright, bold letters – before cutting to size 2 models in various poses of feigned ecstasy, their bottoms rivaling that of a green pea for which one is tinier; their stomachs perfectly ripped washboards; their hair long and flowing and blond and without a trace of split ends – thereby defining “sexy” as something that most of us will never attain and causing me to take a second look at my own flannel PJ pants and New Kids on the Block t-shirt. I have to ask – What IS Sexy? Is it being a size 2, or just being YOU? What IS sexy? Isn’t it you and me in all our imperfect glory, with every flaw telling a different story? What IS Sexy? Is it being Victoria’s Secret thin, or having the courage to fail, but try again? What IS Sexy?

I say sexy has nothing to do with the sum of all of our parts…and everything to do with the sum of our big, beautiful hearts.

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