The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: If You’re Gonna Fail, Fail BIG!

Quote of the Day:

“My story is one of following your heart…even at the risk of having it all wrong & failing…fail forward.” [email protected]

The Single Woman Says:

The really interesting thing about this beautiful, magical journey we’re all on is often our greatest hits come on the flip side of our most monumental failures. Look at Sandra Bullock, for example. In 2010, she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in “The Blind Side”…and also a Razzie Award for Worst Actress in “All About Steve.” And you know the lesson in that? Who really remembers her career stumble in “All About Steve” when she soared to a career high in “The Blind Side”? The best thing about failure is that it proves we are human, and evolving, and works in progress. None of us have truly “arrived.” And the moment we start to really think we have, life usually hands us a reality check – and lets us keep the CHANGE (whether we want to or not).

Anyone can play it safe so as not to face their harshest critics. But those of us that are willing to put ourselves out there and be quirky, and silly, and spontaneous, and even completely foolish at times, without fear – we are the ones that earn an award much greater than any statue. We might not get it right every time – but we bravely get it wrong with the knowledge that you can’t WIN big unless you’re willing to FAIL big.

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