The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Why It’s Okay to Give Up (WHAT?!)

Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes when you give up on someone, it’s not because you don’t care anymore, but because you realize they don’t.” ~Unknown

The Single Woman Says:

The end of the year is a great time to END bad habits, bad relationships, and bad attitudes! The best thing about the promise of a new year is no matter what happened last year, 2012 offers a fresh start and a new heart. And here’s the REALLY exciting news: It is perfectly okay to GIVE UP…if what you’re GIVING UP is doing nothing but holding you DOWN! Maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship. Maybe it’s a toxic friendship. Maybe it’s an ex. Maybe it’s fear, or insecurity, or unforgiveness. Whatever it is that’s holding you down…GIVE IT UP! You will find that sometimes it’s only when you GIVE up and set everything unhealthy free that you can LIVE up to who you are meant to be! So go ahead. Give yourself permission to GIVE UP on the things that aren’t working for you in 2011…because you will find that every time you subtract a negative thing, you add a positive thing. And that’s simple mathematics that makes for a life that’s anything but!


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