The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: It’s Time to Change!

Quote of the Day:

“All great change is preceded by chaos.” ~Deepak Chopra

The Single Woman Says:

This is nothing if not the season of CHANGE.

Yesterday in church, my pastor shared an incredible message, “It’s Time to Change,” and it hit me how December is a time of reflection on the past year and planning for the year ahead. It can also be a rather chaotic month, as we are finishing our Christmas shopping and wrapping up year-end projects at work and traveling to visit friends and family. This month, instead of hiding from chaos, I urge you to embrace it. Welcome it. Leave the door wide open for it. Though you can’t see it now, the chaos means your life is changing, reorganizing, making room for all the great things in store for you in 2012. Sure, change can be scary – but ANY big, life-altering event in life is. In fact, if it’s NOT scary, you’re probably not making a big enough change. So when things in your life seem crazy and hectic and out of control…don’t let fear of change cause you to hesitate. Toss some confetti in the air and CELEBRATE! Because when all good things come to an end…it’s because all GREAT things are about to begin.

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