The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Today is Where Your Book Begins…

Quote of the Day:

“Today is where your book begins…the rest is still unwritten.” ~Natasha Bedingfield

The Single Woman Says:

I’ve always loved the first day of a new month. It feels so clean and fresh and new…like all the old STUFF from last month has been washed away in the light of a new day. And the first day of December is especially exciting, because it’s the beginning of our journey into the new year. The promise of 2012 looms in front of us, shiny and bright with possibility. Today I urge you to go ahead and start thinking about what you’re going to throw away to make room for all the AMAZING things coming your way. You have 31 days to decide what’s going with you into 2012 – make ‘em count! What’s dragging you down, holding you back, subtracting from you? Decide this minute to rip out the pages of your story that aren’t working and make room for new storylines and characters and happy endings to emerge. The great thing about your decisions is…they’re YOUR decisions…and YOU get to decide when to make revisions! Let’s count down the next 31 days not just to a whole new YEAR, but to a whole new YOU. December is the prologue to a whole new chapter in your story. Start writing.

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