The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: There’s a Frog in Every Fairytale

Quote of the Day:

“Better to kiss many frogs and eventually marry a prince than to kiss many princes and end up with a frog!” ~Unknown

The Single Woman Says:

In every single girl’s life, a bad date or disappointing relationship will fall. It’s an inevitability – sort of like the dryer eating your socks or hitting all the green lights in town when you’re trying to put on your makeup on the way to work. And it’s nothing short of a major letdown when your new dashing prince transforms into a warty frog right in front of your very eyes. But when you’re tempted to lose heart – my advice is simply, don’t. There ARE some really great guys out there (despite what your experience or statistics might tell you) and sometimes you have to weed through a few thorns to get to the roses. And until you find the one for you, how about planting your own garden and decorating your own soul, rather than waiting for someone to bring you flowers? Remember: Just cause there’s a frog in every fairytale doesn’t mean there’s not a Prince waiting on the other side of your next kiss!



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