The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: A New Chapter Awaits!

Quote of the Day:

“Of course nothing lasts. And why worry about that? One must learn not to. Every day, every moment is a frontier to a country that, once crossed, can never be returned to. Most of the time, we don’t notice. Which is just how it should be. The secret is not to worry. You can’t go back. Although, those you leave behind will still think of you. Most of the time, we don’t notice the small, gradual changes…only the sudden, unexpected ones. But once you understand that nothing lasts…everything’s alright. After all, something always comes along that changes everything. And once you realize this, you find that you’re no longer imprisoned by this truth…but freed by it.” ~Nick Abadzis

The Single Woman Says:

As beautiful as Summer 2011 was…as much as I’d like to cling to everything and everyone that blessed me so much this summer…and as happy as those bright, sunny, endless days of summer made me…it’s time to turn the page. A new season has arrived. New seasons often sneak up on us unannounced…and before we even close the book on the old one, a new chapter has begun. The thing I’m learning is that in order to fully experience the beauty of life, we have to be willing to trade where we’ve been for where we’re going. Just because a season is over doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…and it didn’t matter…and it didn’t change us. It did. You can keep the joy and laughter and love of days gone by in your heart and still move on to a new start. It’s OKAY to have a moment of hesitation when you close the door on the girl you used to be…just don’t let it stop you from opening the door to the woman you’re MEANT to be. The end of one era is the beginning of another. It’s the first day of fall. Your “season premiere.” Today: Give your beautiful, magical summer one last look…then close the book.

A new chapter awaits.



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