The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: BE the Change

Quote of the Day:

“A voice is just a whisper in the wind unless it is used to speak up for a cause that brings positive change to the voiceless. Don’t expect change – create it by getting involved.” ~Troy Davis

The Single Woman Says:

If there’s anything this week has taught us…it’s that we have to BE the change if we wanna SEE the change. It’s not enough to TALK about it, PLAN to do something, INTEND to make a difference…it’s time to get out there and actually DO IT. What can YOU do today to make your corner of the world a better place? Remember: Change YOUR world and you change THE world. If you ever doubted that ONE person has the power to change the world, just ask Rosa Parks. Or Anne Frank. Or Joan of Arc. EVERY person can do SOMETHING. Start a committee. Sign a petition. Lend a hand. Give a hug. LOVE. Bottom line – If you’re not going to stand up for what’s right, then don’t complain about what’s wrong. The world is only as beautiful as the people in it. We can’t right the wrongs of yesterday, but we CAN choose today to make a more beautiful tomorrow.



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