The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Guys vs. Men

Quote of the Day:

“A guy uses women to build his self-esteem. A man already has it.

A guy likes to “hang out” with a woman he’s interested in. A man asks her out.

A guy doesn’t make a move until he’s sure there’s no risk. A man is bold and clear with his intentions.

A guy plays games with a woman. A man has no time for games because they keep him from getting to know the woman.

A guy will become bitter and angry with a woman when she denies him. A man accepts that dating involves risk.

A guy fears and worships women. A man respects and adores them but fears and worships only God.

Guys are cool and indifferent. Men are hot and passionate.”

~Stephen W. Simpson

The Single Woman Says:

I chose this quote today because I was taught a valuable lesson in the difference between guys vs. men after posting yesterday’s Dash of Sass, which addressed the issue: “Is He REALLY Just Not That Into You?” It never fails; every time I post a tweet or a blog that cuts to the heart of the matter and gets REAL about dating issues – especially as it pertains to men being shady/avoiding confrontation/mistreating women – I get a smattering of hate tweets from guys who feel as though I am personally stepping on their toes with my message. In my experience, if you feel like someone’s stepping on your toes, it’s probably because you’ve got ‘em in places they shouldn’t be. The very GUYS who are out there being dogs and players and scoundrels are the very ones who take issue with me calling them out about it. The real MEN always agree and cheer on my message and applaud the lack of BS. Why? Because they aren’t the ones out there acting a fool…so they have no reason to protest and whine and attack someone who is simply tossing politeness out the window in favor of getting REAL. The lesson there? If you don’t want to be labeled a clown, stop trying to juggle 7 or 8 different women and be man enough to settle down with just ONE. And for the guy who has never met me and knows nothing about me, yet called me a bitch yesterday for simply shooting it straight…this one’s for you. J

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