The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: Faux Friend or Real Deal?

Quote of the Day:

“A woman who is not happy with herself can never be happy for someone else.” ~Toyi Ward

The Single Woman Says:

Have you ever met someone who just flat out refuses to be happy for anyone else? No matter what you accomplish or what incredible, life-changing blessing comes your way, this friend manages to find something wrong with it? As women, we tend to turn things inward when we encounter someone like this and wonder what WE did to make this person so disagreeable with us…but the bottom line is: People who refuse to celebrate you and your life choices do so because they are unhappy with their own.

I encountered someone like this recently – a faux friend, as I like to call them – and the trick to this scenario is to refuse to allow yourself to get caught up in their web of unhappiness. That’s the thing about unhappy people. They will go out of their way to make sure everyone around them is unhappy, too. Don’t fall for it. This is YOUR party. If someone is trying to dull your shine…leave ‘em behind! Life is too short to go where you’re tolerated and not celebrated. Forget about the one person who doesn’t wanna see you happy and be grateful for the dozens more that do! It’s not your job to cater to anyone’s insecurity or to fix anyone’s unhappiness. If they are jeering at you instead of cheering with you, chances are they’re a faux friend. And a faux friend is like designer imposter perfume…they might LOOK like the real deal, but eventually they’ll stink up the joint. If they’re spreading hate and not love…strife and not life…despair and not hope…put them back where they belong, behind the velvet rope.

Then party like it’s 1999.


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