The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: August 26, 2011

Quote of the Day:

“Inside your soul is the ability to survive even the toughest storms, and paradise can always be found – even in the middle of a hurricane – if you are willing to look.” ~Denise Hildreth

The Single Woman Says:

I thought this quote was perfect for today, as our dear friends on the east coast batten down the hatches and prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. The threat of a storm is always inconvenient…disconcerting…unwelcome…and even downright scary. I think storms are so frightening because they are so unpredictable. I’m learning, however, that in life-related storms and in weather-related storms, the best tools we can arm ourselves with are preparation and faith. Very often in life, God sends us warning signs that there are storms up ahead…and we have the choice to stubbornly keep going or to turn back. When we ignore the signs and forge ahead anyway, what usually happens? We get swept away in the consequences of our poor decisions. Same goes for when we flippantly switch off the television and ignore the weatherman telling us to vacate the premises because we think we’re immune to the danger.

Whether it’s Mother Nature or simply the circumstances of life…when a storm is bearing down on you, don’t stubbornly ignore the signs. God sends us red flags before he sends us stop signs. Prepare yourself for what is to come, then stand strong in your faith, knowing that a storm can wash away a lot of things, but it can’t wash away your faith. You have within the strength to survive and thrive through even the toughest of storms. After all, you can’t get to the rainbow without a little rain…and you can’t get to joy without a little pain.


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