The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: August 17, 2011


Quote of the Day:

“Why would you look back? The future’s out there. And whatever it is, it’s gonna be great.” ~Dawson’s Creek

The Single Woman Says:

The Past may be more certain than the Future, because it’s already happened…but you will most certainly never get anywhere you’re meant to go by traveling yesterday’s road. Embrace the delightful unknown of the HERE & NOW and watch your world come to life! Stop trying to skip ahead to the next chapter or flip back to the last chapter and enjoy the page you’re on right this very minute. We can’t ever know what’s going to happen next…but isn’t that half the fun of LIFE? Today: Let’s stop trying to recreate the past and write it on our hearts that each moment is going to be better than the last! There are better days in store than ANYTHING we’ve known before!



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