The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: August 8, 2011

Quote of the Day:

“Everyone’s got emotional baggage; the question is, what are you doing to unpack that trunk and put it away, so your lovers, friends and relatives don’t have to keep tripping over it?” ~Shari Schreiber

The Single Woman Says:

I’m really bad about not unpacking my luggage when I return home from a trip. I got back from a family vacation two weeks ago and my suitcase is still lounging in my living room floor…taking up space, creating a mess, and keeping me from being able to have company over because there’s nowhere for anyone to sit! See the parallels between ACTUAL baggage and EMOTIONAL baggage? Every piece of emotional baggage we cling to holds us back, creates a MAJOR drain on our physical and emotional energy, and keeps us from welcoming new things into our lives.

TODAY: Unpack yo’ STUFF! Put the clutter away! Clean up that mess! Even if it has a designer label, baggage is still baggage. How high you fly is determined by what you’re willing to tell BYE. The journey was great but now it’s time to LOSE THE DEAD WEIGHT because new horizons await! Empty your arms…and your heart…of things that have come before and you won’t BELIEVE what life has in store.


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