The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: End-Dependence Day!


Quote of the Day:

“One of the most important of life´s lessons is to learn independence, to understand freedom. This means independence from attachments, from results, from opinions, and from expectations. Breaking attachments leads to freedom, but breaking attachments does not mean abandoning a loving and meaningful relationship, a relationship that nourishes your soul. It means ending dependency on any person or thing. Love is never a dependency.” ~Brian Weiss

The Single Woman Says:

I was at my niece’s birthday party recently and had the opportunity to witness two little girls playing together. One was carefree and joyful and independent…one clingy and possessive and co-dependent. While the happy child would flutter around, playing with all the children, running wild and giggling and having the time of her life…her friend would sulk about, angry at the happy little girl for “ignoring her” and not “showing her enough attention”…spending the bulk of the party pouting in the corner rather than joining in the fun. Ultimately, none of the other kids approached her to play with her because she looked so unpleasant and unfriendly and miserable.

Watching this exchange taught me a valuable lesson.

You can go through life using other people as crutches, requiring validation from everyone else to be happy, and decide to sit in the corner and mope when you don’t get the attention you think you deserve…or you can be your own person, search for happiness INSIDE you rather than in those standing BESIDE you, and choose to live free of attachments to people, places, events, and things. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that TRULY belongs to you is YOURSELF. Whatever or whoever you depend on for your happiness ultimately binds you…and reminds you, day after day, that you are not truly free.

Cut the cord today and fly away. Ring your inner Liberty Bell and run like hell. Your happiness depends on your independence. Decide this very minute to never again look to anyone else for what you should be giving yourself. Anything holding you prisoner this 4th of July, tell it bye. It’s only when you realize that while you might WANT certain people in your life to be happy, you don’t need ‘em…that you can TRULY declare your freedom.

Happy End-Dependence Day!



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