The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass: June 23, 2011


Quote of the Day:

“We are a product of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” ~Rick Warren

The Single Woman Says:

Folks on Twitter (myself included) talk a lot about moving on from the past, and letting go of the past, and not staying stuck in the past; and while I agree with all of those things, I’m learning that it IS ok to occasionally revisit the past…if only to stop & gaze awhile at the parts that made you smile.

Everything that came before prepared you for everything you have in store…so to deny that the past ever happened is to deny that where you’ve been brought TO is a product of what you’ve been THROUGH. I firmly believe that we should be grateful for our pasts, as painful or disjointed or messy as they may have been, because as every painter knows – it takes a VARIETY of colors and experiences to create a masterpiece. I think the key is to stop chasing the end to where you’ve been and start embracing every last sentence of your history as part of the epic novel of your life. The parts of the past that were painful…let them go. And the parts of the past that were beautiful…let them show. Because regardless of what the past holds or the future brings – the most beautiful birds have roots AND wings.


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