The Single Woman’s Dash of Sass – May 11, 2011


Quote of the Day:

“Give up being perfect for being authentic.” ~Hal Elrod

The Single Woman Says:

Who’s perfect? Raise your hand.

I didn’t think so.

This tells me that people who lead seemingly “perfect” lives are just as real – and flawed – as the rest of us. They just keep up a masquerade of perfection because they’re too afraid of rejection, not realizing that rejecting one’s TRUE self is the worst rejection of all.

Authenticity acts as an invitation to all those people and opportunities that are meant to be in your life. And when you get REAL…just watch and see how fast they RSVP!

So go ahead. Drop the act and give ‘em just the facts. You need be no one other than YOU, straight up…because YOU ALONE ARE ENOUGH.



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