Spring Is Here!

Spring is here!

The shedding of one season and the dawning of another is a time of magic; of new beginnings; of new life; of new hope, of fresh starts and new hearts. By definition, “Spring” is the season of transition between winter and summer; a season typically associated with rebirth, renewal, and regrowth.

What that tells me is this: A new day is here!

It’s time to throw off winter mindsets and let the past be the past. All the ideas and dreams and plans you’ve been storing away, resting up for, and planning all winter are about to come to fruition! It’s showtime! Now is the time to spring clean not just your house but your LIFE – your mind, your emotions, your heart – and welcome a new chapter of your life with open arms. Clinging to the old way will literally stop you from stepping into the light of your new day. The habits and mindsets and attitudes that worked for you all winter will not work for you in the spring. Just as nature evolves and trees and plants die away through the winter months to make room for new life, there are areas of your life that are not meant to make the trip with you from one season to the next.

So go ahead. Leave the past behind and SHINE! Just as we shed our heavy winter clothes to make way for breezy sundresses and flip-flops, it’s time to shed the heaviness of what WAS and step into the light of what IS. Figure out what works for you and hold a yard sale for everything that doesn’t.

This is YOUR season.

“The Single Woman” 

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