Taken from Man’s McRib

I stumbled across an article today about the recent announcement that apparently, the majority of people on the planet have been waiting for with baited breath. No, not the news that Prince William is finally putting a ring on Kate Middleton…but that the most sought-after, lusted for, and desired sandwich on the face of the earth is…dum dum dum…back on the market! The McRib sandwich from McDonald’s is now appearing on menus once again for a limited time, news that has people weeping in the streets and driving hours to the closest participating McDonald’s (since this little golden nugget is only going to be available at select Mickey D’s). The article went on to say how web searches of “McRib McDonald’s” have skyrocketed over 1,000% and that a McDonald’s spokesperson explained that the McRib’s limited availability is designed to “help to keep fans passionate about the product.” In other words – a sandwich that is, for all intents and purposes, playing hard to get.

Think about the psychology behind that for a minute and tell me it doesn’t make a few lightbulbs come on in your brain. McDonald’s – arguably the most successful fast food chain in the history of TIME – and clearly not in need of gimmicks or tricks to pull people into their restaurants, STILL takes the time and goes to the effort to design a product that’s slightly elusive; pops up when you least expect it; only sticks around for a little while before POOF! There it goes, and when it will return, nobody knows. Sound familiar? Maybe a little like every guy you’ve ever dated that has intrigued you, captured your attention and maybe even your heart, and left you desperately wanting more? Now I know what the naysayers will shoot back with: “You shouldn’t have to play games!” and “Love isn’t about playing games” and “I’m too old to play silly games” – BUT, I would counter with this thought: Perhaps there’s more to this whole McRib line of thinking than meets the eye. According to the Bible (the most sacred and bestselling book of all time), woman was taken from man’s McRib…errrr…I mean, RIB – not to walk behind him, not to walk in front of him, but to walk BESIDE him. As in, just outside of his reach. As in, she was taken FROM him, where she once resided, as close to his heart as you can humanly get, to walk BESIDE him. Not up under him. Not smothering him. But BESIDE him. If you’re walking beside someone, that implies that you’re moving forward in a positive direction with him, but you’re not in his grasp. He doesn’t own you. He doesn’t possess you. And you don’t want him to. It goes against the law of nature to allow yourself to be anything other than his equal, and if you are TRULY his equal, you’re not gonna have the time or inclination to completely abandon your life in favor of starring in his. You’re not supposed to be constantly PHYSICALLY attached to him or turn into a stage 5 clinger that’s taken up permanent residence latched onto his coattails; but instead, walk beside him as the sassy, independent, feisty, free-spirited and fabulous female that you are. Or in other words – float like a butterfly and sting like a McRib sandwich!

Think about it – McDonald’s serves 58 MILLION customers daily and raked in $22.6 billion in 2008, and yet STILL fiercely guards their wildly popular McRib sandwich from the proverbial kiss of death – being too available. So shouldn’t we, as women, start to take a good hard look at this logic and realize that if it’s good enough for Mickey D’s, it might just be good enough for Mickey ME? Don’t play games if you don’t wanna play games; but DO start to view yourself as someone with your OWN identity, your own irresistible qualities, your own spicy flavor and your own sumptuous personality. And then realize that YOU ARE A HOT COMMODITY and you don’t have to put every card on the table every time you sit down to play. Remember the McRib Rule: If you always leave them wanting a little more, they’ll always be knocking at your door.  

I don’t know about YOU – but I’m Lovin’ It.

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