Dance your way through life

Ballroom dancing is an increasingly popular hobby for those waiting for Mr. Right. If you can’t find your perfect partner in life, why not spend a little time with your perfect partner on the dance floor? And while it is aerobically effective and tons of fun, there are also many different life lessons one can take away from a little dirty dancing (other than “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”). Here are a few important touchstones a single lady can look for as she dances her way through life:

1. Every girl has to shake her “thang” from time to time – preferably in her underwear. Crank up some music, close the blinds and dance wildly around your apartment. Lose your inhibitions. Allow your hairbrush to become your microphone…your coffee table to become your stage…your broom to become your dashing, gallant and fabulously alluring dance partner. If you need to feel sexy, to feel like a woman, to be reminded amidst the craziness of work and worry and responsibilities that you are, indeed, all goddess through and through…dance. Dance like there’s no tomorrow.  

2. There’s not always one perfect partner for everyone. While there are lots of different partners that might fit nicely…that might mirror your steps well, hold you securely and even make you laugh…some people just aren’t going to find their perfect match on the dance floor. Sometimes their perfect match doesn’t realize how perfect the fit really is until it’s too late. Sometimes the perfect dance partner walks away from you to dance with another. And that’s okay. Because some of us just aren’t meant to be tamed…but instead, to roam free…free to explore other partners, to sit this one out, or to simply dance solo…wildly, beautifully, unapologetically solo. (Now you can find yourself in the steps of the rumba…lose your inhibitions in the steps of the salsa…find a beauty and grace within yourself that you never knew existed in the waltz).

3. There is nothing sexier and more alive than the beat of the music. Learn to listen to that beat every once in awhile. Not the lyrics. The magically hypnotic and wonderfully spellbinding beat of the music. Don’t always struggle against it. Give in to it. Allow it to take over. Stop busying yourself with a million little things that mean nothing and take time out to march to the beat of your own drummer. And when you find that beat…don’t ignore it. Don’t bury it under the persona of the person you think you are or the person you think you’re supposed to be. Sway a little. Tap your foot a little. Listen…can you hear it? The rhythm isn’t always going to get you…sometimes you have to get it. 

4. And finally…life is short. Wear stilettos. If you have a choice between the beige pumps or the fuschia stiletto dancing shoes, go with the stilettos. I don’t care how uncomfortable they might feel at first. Don’t be afraid to be colorful…to be daring…to be spirited…to be different…even when everyone around you is trying to bury your light beneath a bushel. Especially then. As I’ve said before, I would much rather brave the blisters to chart out my own path in a pair of fabulous fuschia stilettos than lurk in the shadows of someone else’s success, wearing my boring, basic, beige pumps. On the dance floor, a pair of great dancing shoes goes a long way. I mean, who can really execute a perfectly sexy, fabulous, show-stopping tango in a pair of beige pumps? I don’t care if you do have people on all sides, urging you to be beige and blend in. Refuse to blend in. Because, after all – “Life is too short to blend in.”


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